Importance of Properly Installed Child Car Safety Seats

If You’ve Visited a Pediatric ER after a Car Crash, You Know the Importance of a Great Child Car Seat

A few years ago, my wife and children were in a T-bone motor vehicle crash.   While I’m reminded of the dangers of daily driving as a car crash attorney, one is never really prepared to receive a call involving one’s wife and children.

If you’ve ever walked into a pediatric ER after a car crash, you immediately think about the quality of the safety seat your kids use.

I firmly believe the single biggest factor in my children not being seriously injured was the proper installation of their safety seats.  Though the SUV was totaled after being hit and flipped, those seats were steadfastly secured due to my wife’s diligent safety efforts.

 Child Car Safety Seats–It’s the Law and Best Protection

Across the U.S. restraining children in a car seat is the law.  Small people can be more easily injured in a crash. Manufacturers and parents have long been looking for ways to best protect children.   As a parent, one of your primary functions in life is keeping your child safe.  It’s a 24 hour job and requires you to be a skilled safety ninja and that is just around the house!

The leading cause of death and injury for all children is motor vehicle crashes.   Child car seats reduce the risk of injury by 71% to 82% and reduce the risk of death by 28% in comparison to children in seat belts alone. If you still are not convinced, then you must remember it is a law that you must properly restrain your child in a motor vehicle.

 Shopping for Car Seats……….

I was fortunate as my wife did all of the research to find the very best child seats for our children.  She also studied the manufacturer’s directions on how to properly install the seats, the proper weight/age ratios and when our children needed to move to a booster seat alternative.

There are several sources that make recommendations on safe car seats including AAA’s Car Seat Guide and Consumer and of course, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.   It’s easy to search online for car seats, and you want to check how often they update the reviews, warnings and recalls.  On the sites, there will be linked pages discussing various seats, manufacturers and rating systems.

Proper Installation

Driving and riding in a motor vehicle can be risky under the best scenarios.  Finding a quality seat is relatively easy (wide selection), but many people make the error of failing to install the car seat properly. An improperly installed car seat will invariably fail

From personal experience in the abovementioned crash, proper installation is the key factor in making the car seat most safe.  Again, I was extremely fortunate that my wife researched and learned how to properly install our child safety seats and did so.

So, you don’t have a full-time magna cum laude spouse to research child safety seats and installation?


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Don’t be alarmed or worried!!! You don’t have to be a genius to figure out child safety seats and installation.  There are local car seat inspection stations, especially in metropolitan areas. Safe Kids St. Louis is a resource that provides information about organizations through the St. Louis metro area and they  have trained staff in the areas of installation and checking child safety seats.

As well, if you contact your local fire department, they can provide resources to be certain your car seat is properly installed.

Looking back at my childhood, I can’t recall too many times that I was belted-in as a kid.  In the late 1970’s in our rural area, not many people utilized seat belts.  Mom’s “safety arm” came out frequently but when there was a crash or an abrupt stop, it was more of a gesture than a safety mechanism.

Looking back,  I can think of multiple times  when other children in my area where injured in a motor vehicle accident.  Subsequently, they were probably more seriously injured due to not being restrained.

If You’ve Been in a Motor Vehicle Accident

If you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident and have not been injured, then you probably do not need a personal injury attorney. However, if you have been injured, you will definitely need an expert car accident attorney. Regarding child safety restraints–they significantly reduce the possibility of injury and death for children and it’s the law.

At The Cagle Law Firm, our attorneys represent injured victims of motor vehicle crashes and we understand how a crash can upend your life. Statistically, most of us have been involved in a motor vehicle crash or have a relative injured in a crash.  We know personally how traumatic a crash can be and how difficult it can be for an individual to negotiate with insurance companies.

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