Missouri Lawmakers Consider Opting Out of Time Change

End of Spring Forward, Fall Back?

Every spring and fall, we spring forward or fall back according to daylight savings time switch. During Monday’s House committee, representatives proposed a plan to make daylight savings time the standard and put an end to changing our clocks back and forth.

According to Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Lamar, the plan to make daylight savings time the standard time would address long-held concerns about the practice of gaining or losing hours due to time changes.  Advocates of making daylight savings time standard say that it is unhealthy for and bad for business.

If voters approved the switch, it would take effect IF two adjoining states also agreed to make daylight savings time permanent. This multi-state requirement is in order to correct time in order to avoid significant cross-border time issues.

Time-Related Proposals in Recent Years

Missouri is discussing this switch as these proposals have been introduced in various states over the last few years.  In Illinois, Rep Bill Mitchell introduced a plan to make daylight saving time standard after a constituatnt in the Decatur-area district complained about losing an extra hour of sunlight.

According to a Washington Post survey, officials in dozens of states were considering legislation to opt out of clock changing.  While the national act that outlines the use of daylight savings time allows for states to ignore the change, only Arizona and Hawaii chose to not participate.

Time Change Linked to Increased Motor Vehicle Accidents

The time change impacts motor vehicle crashes and the hours of daylight.   Accidents tend to increase in the evening and night hours when visibility is reduced.  Other considerations for opting out of time change include less sleepy school kids and reduced productivity.

If the proposal is given to voters, March 2017 could be the last time that we would switch our clocks.  The biggest concern for lawmakers is that adjoining states also opt out or  many problems can be created for businesses in the highly populated areas along the state’s borders including Illinois and Kansas.

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