Missouri Road Construction Continues — Drivers, Slow Down

Road Construction Zones Continue During Summer/Fall Weather

If you’ve driven anywhere in Missouri in the last four months, you’ve probably encountered road construction. Be prepared–it’s not going away any time soon.

Slow Down and Take Care of MoDOT Workers

Franklin County- In April, just a week before National Work Zone Awareness Week, a 55 year-old MoDOT worker was killed on Highway 100 between Washington and New Haven, Missouri. Lyndon Ebker had worked for MoDOT for over 30 years. He and other MoDOT crew members were performing bridge maintenance work when an 80 year-old driver struck him.

Troopers said that MoDOT workers did everything they were supposed to do including put up warning signs, flashing lights and they had the truck with the crash cushion on the back.

Earlier this month, a driver was charged with second-degree felony assault on a highway worker and driving without insurance in the April 7, 2016 pedestrian car crash. According to police, the driver apparently somehow did not see the warning signs and flashing lights until it was too late. “…, for some reason he did not see the attenuator and did not see the lights on the back of it and swerved to miss it, and when he did he hit the MoDOT employee, ” said Sargeant Al Nothum of the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Eldon Man Injured When Rear-Ended in Construction Zone

A 43 year-old Eldon man was injured after his vehicle was rear-ended in a highway construction zone in Miller County in mid-August. He was westbound on Highway 54 when he stopped his Mazda about a quarter of a mile west of Lakeland Road and was struck from behind by a Chevy Suburban driven by a 21 year-old Eldridge, Iowa man.

Three Injured in Harrison County Construction Zone Accident on Interstate 35

A car and truck collided on July 13, 2016 in a construction zone on Interstate 35 in northern Harrison County. The state patrol said a 16 year-old Eagleville girl was southbound when the car she was driving crossed over the center line through construction barriers and hit a northbound truck driving by a 57 year-old woman of Kansas City. The crash is described as a head-on crash and moderate The young driver sustained “moderate injuries” and the driver of the truck and her passenger were also taken to the hospital with “minor injuries”.

Find Out About Road Construction in Advance

If you are a regular commuter, then you’ve probably been dealing with the road construction all spring and summer and you’ve probably been searching for alternate routes. Then, again you may have just become more patient. Patience is imperative when you are facing road construction delays. Gatewayguide.com also has road conditions and cameras so that you can see the traffic delays in real time.

In addition to I-64/40, Interstate 44 has several areas with lane closures as does Interstate 70 and Interstate 55. Gatewayguide.com shows traffic flow and areas you may want to avoid. Of course, do not attempt to look this up on your smart phone or tablet while driving. The number one cause of crashes is inattentiveness which includes distracted driving.

Be Patient, Allow Plenty of Time and Slow Down

It is truly hard to be patient sometimes. We are a society in a hurry. Most of us try to cram too much into one day and sometimes think we can make up time on the road, but this is a very bad plan. Impatience with traffic and road construction can lead you to make bad driving decisions. Poor driving decisions cause injuries and death.

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle crash and are injured, then you will need legal representation. Your physical well-being is the number one priority for you and for our firm, thus seek immediate medical attention. If you are hurt, see a doctor immediately.

Do not wait days and weeks waiting to find out if the other driver’s insurance company is going to pay for your treatment or wait to find out if the other driver’s insurance company is going to pay back your health insurance. Get the help you need! Then, call an expert car crash attorney and we can assist with the details of the aftermath.

After a crash, you have questions and we have answers.

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