Risks and Dangers Roadside Workers and Troopers Have to Take

It greatly saddens us all when we see someone killed while doing their job of essentially being a Good Samaritan. Roadside assistance workers put their lives in danger daily when they pull over to the side of the buys interstates to help a stranded motorist. From experience with clients, I have seen the most horrific accidents happen when people are stranded on the side of busy interstates. Yet, what would they do without the help of roadside assistance folk or troopers?

Every year we hear about a tragic loss of life of a trooper who was killed or seriously injured while doing his/her job and working to keep others safe.

Common Theme in Deaths is Collision with Trucks

At night, disabled vehicles are harder to see than during the day on busy interstates. If a passenger car hit a semi-truck or another car from behind, there would still be serious injuries or fatalities, but when a semi-truck hits another vehicle at full force while possibly weighing 80,000 pounds, they typically go through the other vehicle or persons. Semi-trucks with trailers are huge, powerful trucks that do not maneuver easily. The National Highway Safety Transportation Administration has many guidelines for over-the-road tractor-trailers, and NHSTA works to improve the safety of trucks on the interstates and highways. Semi-truck drivers are held to a slightly higher standard of care when driving since they are operating such a large vehicle that can do so much damage when it is involved in a crash.

Tollway, Roadside and Emergency Assist Motorists on Interstates

When you are traveling down busy interstates and highways, keep a lookout for the roadside workers, tollway workers, and state troopers while they assist stranded motorists. Keep our emergency workers safe while they do their job keeping us safe.

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