Second Fatal St. Louis Motorcycle Crash on Ashby Road, St. Louis County

Two Fatal Motorcycle Crashes on Ashby Road in St. Louis/Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Look both ways when out on motorcycle

National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month is during the month of May and not by chance. The month of May brings much warmer temperatures and the return of the hum of motorcycles. Likewise, May usually sees a significant increase in motorcycle crashes.

A young, male motorcyclist was killed Sunday near the intersection of Page Avenue and Ashby Road. This is the second crash this month on Ashby Road. According to reports, the motorcyclist was traveling eastbound and struck the passenger side of a SUV that was preparing to turn onto southbound Ashby Road around 6 p.m.

The motorcyclist was transported to a local hospital and was pronounced dead. The driver of the SUV was not reported as injured.

Fatal Crash of May 3, 2018

A 21-year old North County man was killed at the beginning of May when his motorcycle collided with a pick-up truck that reportedly pulled into his path near Midland Boulevard and Ashby Road. The driver of the pick up was not injured.

May-National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

According to statistics, motorcycle fatalities make up 16 percent of all vehicle fatalities last year though motorcyclists only make up about three percent of total vehicle registrations. Overwhelmingly, motorcycle crashes result in 80 percent serious injuries or death compared to 20 percent for car crashes. The reasons for these increased percentages may initially seem obvious such as the lack of protection that a motorcyclist has compared to a passenger vehicle occupant–as in the vehicle is literally a shield opposed to be open and accessible on a motorcycle.

The very feeling of freedom enjoyed by being on a motorcycle is also it’s biggest vulnerability. However, many motorcycle crashes that result in serious injury or death are not usually caused by the motorcyclist.

So many motorcycle fatalities are caused by other driver of other vehicles simply not seeing motorcycles. In the Midwest, there are not many motorcyclists on the roadways in the colder months. Since we have had such an unseasonably long and cold spring, many drivers have not readjusted to looking for motorcyclist. Thus, safety organizations adopt months such as May to do public service announcements and raise awareness by all drivers to Look Out for Motorcyclists!

Each Driver Has a Responsibility to Look Out for All on the Roadway

Each of us have a duty to keep an active look out for motorcyclist, bicyclist and other vehicles. When you are driving a passenger vehicle, you do see larger vehicles such as semi-trucks because you know they are a much greater “threat”. It’s a conscious and subconscious awareness. If you think about it, it is logical. We know that if we are in a smaller vehicle, a larger vehicle can cause great damage if we collide. Therefore, when we drive, we don’t view pedestrian, bicyclists and motorcyclist as much of a threat to our safety since we are in a larger vehicle.

But, that “threat level” is actually threatening to smaller vehicles. Thus, each and every time you climb behind the wheel, you have to exercise the utmost care. Using the utmost care involves being certain you are never distracted. It only takes mere seconds to seriously injure someone else or yourself.

Motorcyclists should enjoy the same rights to the roadway as any other driver. Motorcyclists do not get a lot of room for error, meaning if they drive unsafely they will not be motorcyclist for very long simply due to statistics. Unsafe motorcyclists suffer the consequences of their own mistakes resulting in serious injuries or death. As fellow drivers on the roadway, all drivers must respect the safety of all motorists.

We each have a duty to keep a careful look out for motorcyclists. Join us this month and every month in remembering the importance of safety for all motorists. We all need to be reminded that motorcycle season is here and we each must keep a look out for motorcyclists.

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