St Patrick’s Day Traditionally a Boozy Holiday

Plan Ahead for Safe Transportation after St. Pat’s Celebration

You absolutely can have a GREAT time celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and be responsible. Simply making a plan for safe transportation after the party keeps everyone safe. We do not generally act responsibly once the drinking begins, thus do the responsible planning before! Simply make arrangements for safe travel home so neither you nor your friends will be tempted to drink and drive. If each one of us makes a responsible plan, we can greatly reduce the number of alcohol-related crashes this weekend!

St. Patrick’s Day is always a great celebration in St. Louis, Missouri. We quickly rally after Mardi Gras and make the St. Patrick’s parade and party. A tragic down side of St. Patrick’s Day celebration is the increase in drunk driving motor vehicle crashes. St. Patrick’s celebrations are one of those holidays where alcohol is a huge part of the celebration. We do not advocate that you not celebrate, we simply advocate planning accordingly and respecting the safety of everyone.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 59 people were killed in drunk-driving crashes over the 2017 St. Patrick’s holiday during the time period-6 p.m. of March 16 to 5:59 a.m. on March 18. Nationwide, 38% of drivers killed in crashes on St. Patrick’s Day had a blood alcohol limit of .08% and three-quarters of those who were at least double that limit. When narrowing on the post-party hours (midnight to 6 a.m.) nearly 69% of those in fatal crashes involved an impaired driver.

There are more than 2,000 free rides available through Major Brands throughout Missouri. “You don’t need the luck of the Irish to get home safe this St. Patrick’s Day, just Major Brands and Jameson,” according to CEO of Major Brands. You will need to plan ahead to take part in these free rides. You will need to plan now to take part in any of these offers or donate a few dollars to the pot with your friends to share a ride!

Download our free Injury Attorney app that allows you to call a local St. Louis cab, Uber or Lyft from whatever location you are! It geo-targets you no matter where you are in town.

Drinking and Driving is Deadly as Well as Criminal

After more than three decades of safety awareness, we all know that drinking and driving is extremely dangerous. Literally, the safety campaigns and PSA’s have been active for almost 40 years. (MADD originated in 1980 in Irving, Tx) Yet, every day almost 30 people die per day in the United States in drunk driving crashes. It is absurd. According to the CDC, there are over 300,000 incidents of drinking and driving each day. Again, pure absurdity.

Getting caught driving while impaired usually result in criminal prosecution at minimum and it can get really expensive, fast. The much bigger issue is the needless loss of life and permanent injury caused by drunk driving crashes. Motor vehicle crashes are entirely too common due to human error and inattention. When you climb behind the wheel after you have been drinking, it is the definition of negligence. In addition to criminal prosecution, your insurance company may possibly deny coverage for all damage if you were driving under the influence.

Representing Victims of Drunk Driving Crashes

I represent many clients who were injured or lost their family members due to a drunk driving. Each and every time, it is tragic because it is so wasteful. Drunk driving simply wastes the lives and causes permanent injuries that drastically change lives negatively. By 2019, almost everyone I know has been directly impacted by a drunk driver, meaning they have lost a friend or loved one due to a drunk driver.

Celebrate St. Pat’s Day and Plan Safe Transportation

It would be ridiculous to tell people to NOT celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or any other holiday for that matter. We never say you should not celebrate, we simply encourage that you plan ahead so that you have a safe, sober ride home.

Some businesses are offering free transportation. Lyft will have two designated pick up and drop-off sites in Dogtown with wifi connection so that you can secure rides. Another site will be located at the corner of Clayton Road and Graham Street and another on Oakland Ave. Read the full article for ride codes and specials sponsored by Major Brands and Jameson.

Back up Plans:

  • Call a Friend or Relative. While it may seem that all of your friends are celebrating on St. Patrick’s Day. You probably have a friend or family member that is not celebrating. Yeah, they will not be happy to get a call at 1 a.m. asking them to come get you. However, in the days that follow, they will be far happier to come get you than get a call at 2 a.m. saying you are in the hospital or morgue.
  • Transportation Apps. In St. Louis, Lyft and Uber both operate as well as many local cab companies. Plus, check in to the Metro Link and stops. Family members may be happy to pick you up at a Metro Link stop rather than journey across town.
  • Check with local police. I know………that seems the most crazy thing to do when you are planning a drinking celebration. However, they often offer programs to coordinate free rides and help to coordinate resources. Planning in advance for your celebration is greatly appreciated by law enforcement. Their goal and yours are the same–safe celebration and no drunk drivers.

Two Types of Claims Following a Crash

After a crash, there are two parts to your insurance claim.

One is a property damage claim which includes the damage to your property ie, your car. There is not a lot of wiggle room on the property. If you have 2004 Honda Civic and it is totaled, an attorney cannot make that car worth twice it’s amount. Cars are worth what cars are worth.

Two- the personal injury. The personal injury claim is a combination of your medical bills, lost wages, future medical, loss of enjoyment and the commonly used “pain and suffering’. Four days after your crash, you had NO IDEA what you what “damages” will be because you have no idea what medical treatment it is going to take to make you better. Your doctors cannot often predict how fast or well you will heal or if other measures need to be taken. Therefore, you absolutely should NOT be talking about your injuries with the insurance adjuster. The insurance company will not pay for your medical bills as-you-go, so do not sign any authorizations for them to received your medical records and bills. Avoid the five most common mistakes following a car crash.

The insurance company should not know what is wrong with you before you do—-it is your body and your privacy.

If You’re Hurt, You Will Need Legal Help–Information is Power

I talk to many individuals daily. Honestly, they don’t all need an attorney. But, they do the smart thing and seek a free consultation. When someone is not really hurt, we are happy to tell them the steps to settle their claim. If you are hurt or if you are not absolutely sure about your condition, you should contact us as soon as possible. Information is power

Call us toll free 1.800.685.3302 or locally 314.276.1681 seven days a week. We know crashes happen seven days a week and you have questions. We are here to answer your questions.

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