Super Bowl Weekend-Make a Safe Travel Plan

Make a Plan to Be Safe

Every year, most of us celebrate Super Bowl Sunday. We, along with all safety experts across the country encourage you to plan for the Super Bowl festivities including your safe ride home to avoid car accidents.

Across most states, law enforcement will be on the lookout for intoxicated drivers before, during and after the game on Sunday. You will probably put a lot of thought into where you are going to watch the game, what you are going to eat and what you are going to drink; so why wouldn’t you put some thought into having a sober, safe ride home?

In Illinois last year, there were 1,700 citations for drunk driving, speeding, distracted driving and seat belt compliance according to the Illinois State Patrol. Have a great time on Super Bowl Sunday, but be certain you have planned a sober ride home or you may face a DUI charge or worse, a car collision.

Tips for a Safer Super Bowl Sunday

While many of us have to work the Monday following the Super Bowl, you need to plan accordingly. Don’t wait until after the game to think about your transportation home. There are several options:

  • Plan to stay over at the location or nearby where you are attending a Super Bowl party. Whether you are staying at a friends or checking into a hotel, make those arrangements before the evening begins
  • Have a sober driver. No, this is not the person who is “least drunk” in your group. This person should have NOT had any alcohol before driving.
  • Depending on your location, cab services as well as Lyft and Uber are available. During busy times, you may have to wait a few minutes, but exercising a bit of patience seems far better the next day if you instead decide to drive while intoxicated.
  • Download our app and you can call a cab from wherever you are (where cabs are available)

Again, Enjoy the Game! Just Plan!

Stay safe! You may feel like you should be able to be more “spontaneous” and just “go with the flow”; but when it comes to possibly climbing behind the wheel after you’ve been drinking–being spontaneous is not a good idea. Just a little bit of planning may save you a lifetime of grief from a fatal crash or serious injury crash.

Car crashes increase in the evening hours and are more frequent during holidays and celebrations such as the Super Bowl. Again, we don’t advocate that you not have fun, but we do advocate that you just do some planning so that you and your friends remain safe.

Frankly, a DUI is the least of your concerns. If you are driving under the influence and someone is hurt in a crash, that will stay will you longer than a criminal conviction. And, I’m not downplaying a criminal conviction; but what if you are responsible for the death or serious injury of a friend? What about an innocent stranger that made the only mistake that they were going to assume that other drivers would not drive under the influence. Driving after you have been drinking is negligent by definition because it involves a decision to drive even though one knows they are under influence.

If you have been involved in a car collision and are injured, you will need expert car crash attorneys. We represent those injured in car accidents.

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