The Major Consequences of Drinking & Driving

At The Cagle Law Firm, we have committed ourselves to pursuing much-needed compensation for injured people in motor vehicle accidents.

Unfortunately, we see plenty of drunk driving motor vehicle accident cases in which innocent motorists are critically injured or killed by someone driving under the influence of alcohol.

Often, those victims hire a drunk driving accident lawyer in St. Louis, MO, from The Cagle Law Firm to file claims and possibly a lawsuit against the parties liable for their injuries and their insurance carriers. Injured victims have a right to be compensated for their suffering, expensive medical treatments, and lost wages. Our attorneys seek compensation from the negligent driver’s insurance carrier.

Lawsuits are only one of the major consequences of drinking and driving. Drunk drivers who are fortunate enough to survive the accidents they cause or contribute to causing are usually in for all sorts of trouble afterward. That’s why it’s wise never to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.

Here are four major effects of alcohol-impaired driving.

You Could Get Arrested

Let’s start with the obvious. Drinking and driving can lead to the police pulling you over and arresting you if probable cause exists that you are intoxicated. All kinds of additional consequences can stem from that arrest, but consider this as just one incident. Not only can you be injured, as well, resulting in enormous medical bills, but DUI offenders generally rack up expensive legal bills.

Depending on your state, a DUI conviction stays on your criminal record for five to ten years. The presence of that offense could lead your employer to fire you (specifically if driving is a part of your work) or may lead to a future prospective employer rejecting you as a candidate.

Your Driver’s License Could Get Suspended

Drinking and driving–and getting convicted of a DUI offense–can also cause you to lose your driver’s license. Your circumstances will determine how long, but even a first offense could keep you from driving for up to two years.

Not having access to motor vehicles can quickly become stressful and inconvenient. You could also lose your employment if it is based on driving. Additionally, finding transportation to your place of work can become challenging if you cannot access your vehicle and if buses/railways are not accessible in your area. Relying on public transportation could also make it hard to keep appointments.

Your Insurance Rates Could Rise

If you have been found guilty of driving under the influence of a controlled substance, you can likely expect your car insurance rates to rise, perhaps significantly. It’s entirely possible that your insurer could double or even triple your insurance premiums and keep them there for a few years. Your insurance provider could even drop you from coverage. Once you have a DUI conviction, it may become extremely difficult to obtain insurance.

The reason for all this is that a driver convicted of a DUI poses a financial risk to insurance companies. We hope you’re starting to understand the far-reaching major consequences of drinking and driving.

You Could Injure or Kill Someone

Finally, if you drink alcohol and then get in a car and drive, there’s a good chance you could injure or even kill another driver or pedestrian. If you don’t really care about other people, a drunk driving crash can kill or injure you, as well. As if an arrest record, suspended license, and higher insurance rates weren’t enough, you may also have to live with the guilt of taking away someone’s good health or life. Likewise, you may have a life-changing injury as a result of a drunk driving crash.

When motorists are struck and injured by drunk drivers, they often lose more than what you see at the scene. Injuries can lead them to need years of medical treatment or become underemployed. Both situations can financially strain the individual.

In those cases, people who have been involved in alcohol-related crashes may contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss their options. If you drink and drive, you should know that your victims should do this to collect compensation from your insurance company.

You have probably determined from reading this list that drinking and driving simply are not worth it. You could pay a lot of money in higher insurance, lose your license, and become the liable party in a personal injury case.

At The Cagle Law Firm, we are always happy to defend the rights of those hurt in drunk driving accidents. But at the same time, we have some advice for all motorists on the road: don’t drink and drive. It’s better for everyone.

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