What are Some Treatments for Whiplash?

The best treatment for a neck injury is medical treatment by an experienced medical professional. Any motor vehicle accident can lead to serious injuries for those involved. Even if your car isn’t seriously damaged in the accident, you could still suffer from painful injuries that require treatment. One injury that many car accident victims suffer from is whiplash or an injury of the neck. You can get whiplash from events other than car accidents, but this is a common injury many people suffer when they’re in a car accident. YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY SEEK MEDICAL HELP THROUGH A DOCTOR. Suggestions such as heat, ice, and aspirin are simply that – suggestions and should NEVER be substituted for actual medical treatment.

Whiplash is a neck injury caused by an impact that forces the head to move back and forth rapidly, and most people are already familiar with this, even if they haven’t experienced it themselves. However, not many people know what to do when they suffer from whiplash, and they might find themselves asking, “what is the best treatment for whiplash?”

If you have whiplash, it’s important that you know what to do to help yourself recover. In addition to medical help, you may also benefit from legal help from a whiplash lawyer in St. Louis, MO. The term “whiplash” simply means a neck injury where the spine is not broken. Therefore, “whiplash” can be anything from strained muscles to damaged spinal discs.

Here are some treatments for whiplash. (All treatments should be coordinated through a medical professional.)

See a Doctor

First, the most important thing to do following a car accident is to get medical help. You don’t know the full extent of your injuries immediately following an accident, and they could be more serious than you might initially expect. A doctor can check to see how serious your injuries are and prescribe the right treatment for you. It may turn out that your doctor only advises over-the-counter painkillers and treatments you’re able to do on your own, but it’s best that you get professional guidance, so you know you’re getting the right treatment. If you have to take legal action and get a St. Louis car accident lawyer, you can also use your medical records as proof that you were injured in the accident, which is important to help you receive compensation.

When you go to the emergency room for a neck injury, they will evaluate you for broken bones. Whiplash is one of those terms that simply means “neck injury.” There are many variations of whiplash, from muscle strain and sprain to damaged discs. Damaged discs very often include a great deal of medical treatment that may require surgery, and they will not always be diagnosed in the emergency room. If you have continued neck pain, it is critical that you follow up with a primary care doctor or specialist to get the medical treatment that you need. Your discharge papers from the emergency room will more likely than not include instructions to follow up with a primary care doctor. This is critical so that if or when you need more diagnostics or treatment, your primary care doctor can refer you to an appropriate specialist.

Pain Medications

When you’re experiencing pain after getting whiplash, pain medications may help alleviate some of it. Follow the directions of the prescribing physician on the use of pain medication. You should not evaluate your complete recovery while taking pain medications, as symptoms can be masked by pain medication. Thus, when evaluating your condition with your doctor, you can determine whether you need further treatment and evaluation.

Apply Warm or Cold Compresses

Again, medical providers will best advise you on the application of cold compresses to your neck immediately following the accident to help bring down any inflammation. Cold compresses should be applied for around 15 minutes every few hours. After a few days of icing the injury, you may be advised to switch to warm compresses to help relieve pain.

Use a Neck Brace

Your doctor might advise that you use a neck brace for a little while following the accident. A neck brace can help provide additional support for your neck and relieve some stress. This can help make it easier for your neck to focus on healing. Again, follow the directions of the doctor on whether or not you should be wearing a neck brace.


Like most injuries, one of the most important things to do after suffering from whiplash is to allow yourself plenty of time to rest. After an injury, pushing yourself too much can end up making your injury worse and more difficult to recover. Many people with whiplash can benefit from a day or two of rest after the accident, and you should also try to limit activities while you still have pain after that.

Get Help from a Whiplash Lawyer in St. Louis, MO

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