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Why do I need a personal injury attorney?

If you have been injured because another person was acting dangerously or recklessly, it is very important that you receive the full compensation you are legally entitled to under United States law. A qualified St. Louis personal injury lawyer with the legal knowledge and experience necessary can help you to successfully file an injury suit against a company or individual. The added stress of trying to understand an unfamiliar legal system is not conducive to healing and the red tape and complexities involved are completely unnecessary if you have a competent lawyer at your side fighting for your rights.

I have been injured and I think it was someone else’s fault. Should I document my medical expenses?

It is a very good idea to keep complete documentation of any/all medical and out-of-pocket expenses as well as a log of your pain and hours of work missed. Even if you have to go to the store to buy over-the-counter painkillers or any type of elastic bandage, etc, you should document these costs to ensure that you are fully compensated for all of your medical costs.

If I’ve been in a car accident, who should I talk to?

It is very important to speak with a St Louis auto accident attorney as soon after the collision occurred as possible. With the trauma and shock following a car crash, people can be easily upset and confused. Even if you think you are at fault, it is best to not discuss this until the accident has been entirely investigated. Often, victims find out that the other driver was actually more at fault after proper research and examination has been done by the insurance companies and other qualified personnel.

I was hospitalized for food poisoning. Can I be compensated by the restaurant I ate at for my medical bills?

In a food poisoning or foodborne illness case, it is very important to speak with an attorney. The Cagle Law Firm has extensive experience in food poisoning cases in St. Louis and Missouri, and a qualified lawyer can speak with you about the circumstances surrounding your illness in order to establish the most effective manner to approach your case. Food poisoning is extremely uncomfortable and painful and can even be fatal. It is important that you receive the best possible medical care to ensure a rapid recovery. Your foodborne illness lawyer will work tirelessly on your behalf to recover damages for you.

What types of vehicles are considered “common carriers?

Common carrier usually refers to any type of publicly used transportation such as a bus, train, ferry, taxi, limo, cruise, airplane or other.

I was injured while on a boat. Do I have a case against the ship operator?

It is impossible to fully determine whether you have a case without speaking with you and understanding the full circumstances of your case, but a competent St. Louis boating accident attorney at The Cagle Law Firm can go over your accident with you and can tell you whether you can file a suit for monetary compensation for your injuries. In order to receive damages, a lawyer must prove that you were injured because of a negligent act or omission on the part of the boat owner or operator. If you have been injured on a boat, you should contact a lawyer immediately.

I’m worried that my loved one is being abused by his/her nursing home attendees. Who should I talk to?

If your loved one needs medical attention, that is the top priority and needs to be attended to immediately. After any pressing injuries or problems have been solved and your loved one is in a safe environment, you should definitely speak with a The Cagle Law Firm nursing home abuse lawyer to discuss the possibilities of a case. If you have observed any types of bruises, injuries, strange behavior, lack of cleanliness or other indication of elder abuse, you have every right to ask questions and ensure that your loved one is properly cared for.

I slipped and fell while in a store and was severely injured. What should I do?

In slip and fall cases in Missouri, it is necessary to prove that the business owner/manager was negligent in due maintenance/proper care in order to recover damages for any resulting injury. It is very important to discuss your accident with a slip and fall attorney to ensure that you are given every opportunity to prove fault if you believe your injury was caused by negligence, carelessness or other fault.

Who is covered under FELA?

The Federal Employers Liability Act enables railroad workers to file suit against their employers to recover damages for injuries they suffered due to company negligence or other improper action such as failure to provide proper protection, failure to warn of danger, failure to properly maintain equipment, etc. If you or a loved one was injured while working for a railway company, it is important that you contact a The Cagle Law Firm FELA attorney to discuss the possibilities of a case.

My child suffered an injury that I feel was inflicted by the doctor during delivery. What can I do?

It is absolutely vital that you contact a The Cagle Law Firm birth injury attorney immediately – they are very well-versed in birth defect and birth injury law and they can help you through this difficult time by providing a guiding force and aggressive representation in your case. If your infant suffers from shoulder dystocia/Erb’s Palsy, Cerebral Palsy or other illness that could have been caused by medical professional negligence during delivery, you can receive monetary compensation for your child’s medical bills as well as for mental pain and suffering. Your child’s health and future happiness is extremely important to the attorneys at The Cagle Law Firm, and they will fight tirelessly for you and your family.

Which geographical areas does The Cagle Law Firm handle cases in?

The qualified personal injury attorneys at The Cagle Law Firm will handle cases throughout Missouri, including but not limited to St. Louis, St. Charles, Springfield, Columbia, Joliet, Granite City and more.

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