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Posted on May 15th, 2017,
by Zane Cagle

Posted on May 15th, 2017 by Zane Cagle

Commercial Crashes Increase by 40 Percent

Missouri Commercial Crashes on the RiseThe number of deadly crashes involving commercial vehicles rose by more than 40 percent in three years according to the Missouri Department of Transportation.

In 2016, there were 119 crashes across the state involving commercial motor vehicles such as semi trucks and dump trucks. In 2013, there were 84 commercial crashes.

According to the MoDOT commercial motor vehicle manager, Angie Hoecker, the upward trend over the past few years may be due to more vehicles on the roadway.  “The economy is improving, lower gas prices,” said Hoecker, “And then along with that, when you have more cars out there, you have that much more potential for bad driving behavior, which leads to crashes”

Commercial crashes are generally over represented in the total crash percentages, meaning, there are still more commercial crashes per miles driven than other vehicles including all passenger vehicles.

Severity of Commercial Crashes

Commercial vehicle crashes are most often associated with serious injuries and fatalities due to their size.  Often, the commercial vehicle will sustain damage and often, the occupants of the commercial vehicle are unharmed-thankfully. However, when a commercial vehicle collides with a passenger vehicle, the occupants in the passenger vehicle are more often than not, seriously injured if not killed.

We have all been on the interstates and narrowly missed getting hit by a large truck.   The many truck drivers I know take their driving very seriously and safety is their highest concern. We all have a higher expectation of a commercial drivers because obviously, they are professional drivers.  When a commercial driver makes an error and hits a passenger vehicle, the outcome is often disastrous.

Being a Conscientious Driver

As the driver of a passenger car, it can be frightening traveling the interstates with large commercial trucks.  If you’ve traveled the interstates late at night, you have found yourself with large trucks all around you, traveling fast. It is critical that you be a safe driver and considerate of truck drivers as well.  Drive responsibly by using your signals and do not pull in front of large trucks. Be considerate.  Don’t text and drive as that often causes weaving which again, is deadly if you happen to weave in front of a semi truck.

Important safety reminders when traveling around commercial vehicles:

  • Due to their size, it takes semi-trucks and dump trucks longer to stop
  • When you pass a truck, get a good distance in front of them before changing lanes back in front of them–too many people, pass and then cut the truck driver off
  • Drivers of larger vehicles have blind spots, thus travel a safe distance behind them, use your signals correctly when changing lanes, meaning do not signal AS you are changing lanes
  • If you see a truck driver driving erratically, keep a safe distance behind them.

If You Are Involved in a Commercial Motor Vehicle Crash

If you are involved in a commercial motor vehicle crash, then you are probably seriously injured. Any time you are injured in a motor vehicle crash, you should contact an expert car crash attorney. Commercial crashes are quite a bit different than a passenger vehicle to passenger vehicle crash. Meaning, it not the same as calling a regular car insurance company to place  a claim.  If you’ve been injured in a truck crash, you will need legal help to be certain the crash is properly investigated, the practices of the transportation properly examined and all evidence is properly gathered. Without an attorney, these events do not always occur.

Driver fatiguemechanical failure and driver’s failure to follow rules of the road are all contributing factors in many commercial vehicle crashes.

Our attorneys are expert truck crash attorneys.

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