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Tragedy can strike anytime, anywhere, and in countless ways. Often, we have little choice but to rely on others’ courtesy and responsibility to keep us safe. Following the rules to look out for one another is part of living in a community and honoring the social contract for the greater good. Sometimes, though, people are careless, and you’re the one left suffering the consequences.
If you’ve been hurt because of someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to fair compensation. The Cage Law Firm has 20+ years of experience dealing with all kinds of St. Louis personal injury claims. We will advise and guide you through every step of the process, ensuring you have the very best chance of seeing the justice you deserve.
In some instances, you may not even realize there are avenues of justice you can pursue. Below, you’ll find information about some common types of St. Louis personal injury claims. If you believe that any of these situations apply to you, contact us to set up an appointment with a personal injury lawyer today.

Transportation-Related Personal Injury Claims

Transportation-related injuries happen all the time, with the NHTSA estimating more than six million motor vehicle accidents occurring every year. Many of these accidents are preventable, with drivers and passengers often ending up hurt due to another person’s reckless or drunk driving, inadequate traffic signage, road or traffic defects, or other factors.
Cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles aren’t the only dangerous forms of transportation, however. Boats, trains, and airplanes can also cause accidents due to inattentive operation or manufacturing errors. Even those not driving or riding in a vehicle aren’t safe, with approximately 75,000 pedestrian injuries recorded annually. Pursuing legal action against those responsible helps ensure you’re not just another statistic.

Property-Related Personal Injury Claims

Owning property is just as much a responsibility as it is a privilege. When a property-owner welcomes another person into their home or place of business, the space they provide must be well-maintained and safe. Otherwise, a property-owner could easily find themselves on the wrong side of a premises liability claim.
There are many ways for someone to become injured while on another person’s property, such as slip and fall accidents due to wet floors, dog bites from aggressive pets, fires caused by poor wiring, and more. Property-related injuries aren’t limited to guests and customers, either. If you are an employee who has been hurt on the job through no fault of your own, you may be able to seek compensation by filing a work injury claim.

Get Help from a St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyer Today

From traffic accidents to worksite injuries and more, The Cagle Law Firm has the experience, knowledge, and skill to assist with any of a wide variety of St. Louis personal injury claims.
We know that healing takes time and that the burden of medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional distress can only make the process harder. That’s why our personal injury attorneys are willing to fight for you. You don’t have to suffer those burdens without help. You deserve justice.
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