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Throughout Missouri, Kentucky, Illinois and the rest of the United States, there are certain driving rules that apply to all drivers on the road. These rules prohibit risky driving behaviors such as speeding, tailgating, aggressive driving, racing, illegal passing and a host of other behaviors.

In addition to formal rules outlining a driver’s code of conduct, there is also an overarching rule that requires every driver to behave with reasonable care and prudence so as not to endanger others. Driving is a privilege and not a constitutional right, so we must all share the road and follow the laws for safety.

Unfortunately, not every driver lives up to the obligations of exercising reasonable care. Some drivers may make minor mistakes, while others may be very negligent or may intentionally create hazardous situations on the road. Texting while driving is considered dangerous as well driving too fast for conditions.

In some cases, the behavior of the drivers may be classified as reckless driving if wanton disregard for safety is shown. If you or a loved one is injured due a reckless driver, our St. Louis car accident lawyers can help. Call (314) 276-1681 or reach out to us online to schedule a free consultation.

Civil Liability For Reckless Driving

Reckless driving can be addressed both criminally and civilly. This means that the reckless driver could be charged with a crime and potentially convicted and penalized by the state. The reckless driver could also become the defendant in a personal injury lawsuit brought by victims who were hurt by the driver’s gross disregard for public safety.

In a reckless driving injury lawsuit, the goal is not always to punish the defendant, as it is when a driver is charged with criminal reckless driving. The goal of a reckless driving lawsuit is instead to compensate the victims who were harmed by the driver’s recklessness.

If you are the victim of a careless and imprudent driver, you may have serious injuries, including disabling injuries, paralysis or permanent disabilities. You may have a stack of medical bills and require months of physical therapy to regain your mobility. Your car may be totaled, leaving you without transportation.

The state may prosecute the reckless driver, but even if the driver is convicted, that won’t help you pay your medical bills.

You may need to file a separate civil lawsuit seeking to recover damages from an accident caused by reckless driving. You’ll need an aggressive St. Louis car accident lawyer to pursue your claim so you can focus on regaining your health.

A reckless driving accident lawyer at The Cagle Law Firm will meet with you and explain your legal options for recovering compensation for injuries suffered in a reckless driving accident.

Call (314) 276-1681 today for a free consultation or fill out our online contact form. The St Louis personal injury attorneys from The Cagle Law Firm represents victims of reckless driving car accidents in St. Louis and the greater St. Louis metropolitan area, including eastern Missouri and southern Illinois, as well as Kentucky.

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