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There’s no telling what the average person will encounter upon heading out on the road on a given day. It seems like the majority of our daily trips are uneventful, but sometimes, it’s the worst truck accidents that can come out of nowhere and affect us.

No matter how safe of a driver you are, you will likely have difficulty avoiding an oncoming commercial truck driven by someone who is impaired by a controlled substance.

If you have been hurt in a trucking accident involving a drugged driver, you may be entitled to compensation from the trucking company that employs the driver. You can contact The Cagle Law Firm to speak to a drugged truck-driving accident lawyer in St. Louis, MO, about your situation.

How does a personal injury attorney work through the evidence in a case like this? We explain it here.

The Facts of Trucking

We first want to cover some basic facts about interstate trucking in the United States. Truckers who travel on the country’s interstate highway system must adhere to certain rules relating to driving hours and rest periods.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which is part of the U.S. Department of Transportation, sets these rules that trucking companies are required to enforce. Essentially, truckers can drive up to a certain number of hours per on-duty period before resting for another set amount of hours.

These rules exist to keep drivers from overworking themselves and becoming tired on the road. More importantly, the hours-of-service rules were developed and implemented so that trucking companies cannot impose unreasonable driving hours upon individual truckers. The problem is, that some trucking companies often make unreasonable demands upon drivers to meet delivery deadlines. When drivers are overworked, they can become distracted and exhausted.

As a result, some truck drivers may come to rely on controlled substances or over-the-counter medications to keep them awake and alert for longer periods. Drivers absolutely should not have unreasonable demands imposed upon them that make our highway less safe for them or for all drivers. While thus impaired, the drivers can strike other vehicles on the road and seriously injure or kill someone.

Even a simple failure to stop at legal stop signs or lights can have disastrous consequences for innocent motorists, given the tractor-trailer’s size and weight.

What Our Truck Accident Lawyers Do in St. Louis

If you have been injured by a truck driver who was impaired by drugs or alcohol, look to The Cagle Law Firm as your drugged truck driving accident lawyer in St. Louis, MO, we will immediately begin examining and gathering evidence.

Police will investigate the cause of the accident when they arrive on the scene. Officers may require a drug test from the driver if substance use is suspected. If drugs of any kind are found to be present, the truck driver can become a liable party in your injury case.

However, during the course of our investigation, we may find other liable parties, as well. For instance, perhaps the trucking company or the owner of the truck itself was in some way complicit in the driver having to work longer hours than those that are legally mandated.

No matter who we find liable in this instance of truck driver fatigue and personal injury to you, we will hold those parties accountable and fight to get you the financial compensation you need to pay your medical bills and get your life back to normal.

The Cagle Law Firm Will Fight for Your Justice

At The Cagle Law Firm, we know that the time following a truck accident can be frightening, inconvenient, and stressful. We don’t want you to worry about the law, gathering evidence, or injury claim deadlines. We want you to focus on your health and your family while we take on those responsible for the crash and compensation you need.

Call The Cagle Law Firm toll-free at (1-800) 685-3302 or locally at (314) 276-1681 to speak to a professional about your options.

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