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A “common carrier” is generally defined as a commercial bus, school bus,train, taxi, airplane or other method of public transportation (such as a ferry or cruise). When you use any sort of communal transportation, you expect that your travel will be safe and incident-free. Obviously, that is the ideal situation – and bus,train, plane and ferry accidents are fewer than automobile accidents. When they do occur, however, the results can be devastating.

If you have been injured in a common carrier accident, you have the legal right to seek monetary compensation for your injuries. As commercial carriers, these transportation companies have the obligation to train their employees in proper care and operation of the vehicles. If an employee of a common carrier company was improperly trained, negligent or careless and caused an injury, the company can be held liable for the cost.

Missouri Common Carrier Accidents:  Bus, Train, Airplane

The Missouri common carrier accident attorneys at our firm have the experience and legal know-how necessary to properly investigate an accident that you were involved with in order to fully understand your possible case. Attorney Zane Cagle understands that this can be a very buy paxil online overnight delivery confusing time for you. That’s why the lawyers at the firm are always available to answer any questions that you might have about your case. You will be able to speak directly with the attorney who is handling your case because your questions and concerns are very important. Mr. Cagle believes that an excellent client-attorney relationship will materially benefit any case that he takes on, so it is his strict policy to maintain close communication with clients.

Whether you have been injured while riding in a taxi, bus, airplane, train, ferry or while taking a cruise, you need to be informed of your rights. The firm will work with you and help build a case with the best possible chances of success. Don’t leave your bills to pile up while you try to heal from an injury with the added financial stress of possible future surgeries or other medical treatments. Preserve your rights and contact a competent St. Louis motor vehicle accident lawyer.

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