Fatal Missouri Motorcycle Crashes on the Rise

Starting Motorcycle Season with Record High Motorcycle Fatalities

In a timely notification, the Missouri Transportation Department reported that more than 1,900 motorcyclists were injured in 20166 and a record high of 122 were killed in Missouri traffic accidents. According to Kelly Jackson, “Over the last four years, we’ve seen a steady increase in motorcycle fatalities”.

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month – Eyez Out of Motorcycles

Last Week, a Springfield man died from injuries he sustained in a motorcycle crash with a van in Springfield, Missouri at the intersection of Battlefield Road and Kimbrough Avenue. The man was only 24 year old. At this time, officers report that a SUV was making a left turn off Battlefield onto Kimbrough when the westbound motorcycle crashed into it.

Over the weekend, another motorcyclist and his passenger, both from Nevada, Missouri struck a dog in the road and overturned.

Motorcycle Fatality Numbers Since 2013:

  • 2016: 122 fatalities, 40 of the fatalities included motorcyclists not wearing helmets
  • 2015: 91 fatalities, 28 of the fatalities included motorcyclists not wearing helmets
  • 2014: 89 fatalities, 26 of the fatalities included motorcyclists not wearing helmets
  • 2013: 74 fatalities, 16 of the fatalities included motorcyclist not wearing helmets

Thus far in 2017 alone, there have been 23 motorcyclist fatalities in Missouri traffic alone. A milder winter and increased overall highway travel creates a situation for more motorcycle use and crashes, but 23 fatalities is really high for Missouri and we have only just begun the month of May.

Motorcyclists: “Pretend You’re Invisible and Drive Defensively”

Experts advise motorcyclist to “Be Visible” by wearing reflective clothing, using reflective strips/decals on clothing/bike and keep the headlight on during days as well as night.

Drive Defensively meaning, assume other drivers will not see you! Riding safely means watching for turning vehicles, use lane positioning to increase visibility, signal your actions in advance and give yourself plenty of space to reach to other motorists’ actions. So often, drivers of passenger vehicles fail to see motorcyclists and the result is a serious crash. Due to the simple laws of physics including size, speed and impact, a motorcyclists bears the most significant injuries in those collisions.

Wear a Helmet

According to Missouri law, motorcyclists must wear a helmet. Until it is possibly repealed, all riders are required by law to wear an approved helmet. Whether your state requires a helmet by law, every motorcyclists should wear one. Statistically, helmets save lives and reduce fatalities. While some proponents want helmet law repealed, it is difficult to ignore the statistics. Helmets make motorcycle riding safer.

Motorcycle Serious Injuries and Fatalities

Motorcycle crashes are generally very serious in nature. Traumatic brain injuries occur, broken bones and road rash are all very common in motorcycle crashes. When motorcyclists are injured or killed due to the inattentiveness of other drivers, they often have serious injury claims and families often have wrongful death claims.

At The Cagle Law Firm, we understand that motorcycle crashes are usually very traumatic. These claims can become complicated due to the sheer amount of medical bills, facts of the crash, helmet use and complexity of injuries. Our attorneys know that evidence must be collected immediately and that the entire process is overwhelming for a family and victim.

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