Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month – Eyez Out for Motorcycles

Keep Eyez Out for Motorcycles

May in the Midwest is usually the official beginning of motorcycle season. Since we’ve had a really warm March and April, hopefully, many drivers are already on the lookout for motorcycles. During National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, we want to share the importance of keeping a lookout for motorcycles!

Perception is Not Always Reality on the Roadway

“Objects in mirror are closer than they appear”. We’ve all seen this sticker on our rear-view mirror letting drivers know that objects may pose a bigger “threat” than they initially appear. What do I mean by “threat”? When you are the driver of a passenger car and you approach an intersection, you view a semi-truck as a much bigger threat to your safety if you were to be involved in a collision–much greater than the threat that a smaller vehicle presents.

It’s how we operate subconsciously. Even if you are actively scanning the roadway for objects and other vehicles, you perceive larger vehicles as more threatening. Motorcycles are generally perceived as less of a threat because they are smaller.

But, if a driver never even sees the motorcycle, then you cannot perceive them as a “threat” at all. Failure to see a motorcyclist is the most common cause of a motorcycle-vehicle crash.

Motorcycle Safety for All Drivers

Motorcyclists are keenly aware of the dangers they encounter daily on the roadway. They are aware that people often do not see them because of their size and speed. Motorcyclists know also that drivers often are simply inattentive. However, all drivers have a responsibility to drive safely. Motorcyclists have the same road rights that any other vehicle operator enjoys. We must “share the road” with motorcycles. Don’t cut them off or give them less room on the roadway because they are smaller.

Motorcyclists have an obligation to ride safely and for the most part, they do. Because of the non-forgiving nature of an error as motorcycle rider, a rider who does not ride safely usually does not ride for long. Motorcyclists should wear reflective clothing and safe clothing to protect them. Helmets are a big deal in motorcycle safety. In Missouri, wearing a helmet is required by law. In Illinois, helmets are not required by law. Frankly, wearing of helmets is a controversial issue for many motorcyclists. But, statistics are very clear—helmets help reduce the number of fatalities and severe injuries.

Spring- Official Beginning of Motorcycle Season

Due to the warm weather we have enjoyed, you’ve probably heard that familiar hum of motorcycles around town. As we come out of the winter, drivers have to be reminded to look out for motorcycles as we are not accustomed to seeing motorcycles in the winter, unlike Florida or Southern California where motorcyclists enjoy many more months of great riding weather.

Spring and summer are also times when motorcycle crashes and auto-motorcycle crashes increase. The number of serious injuries and wrongful death increase greatly beginning in the spring. That is a statistic we would love to see decline dramatically!

Many motorcycle crashes with other vehicles can be prevented if all drivers would look twice and be on the look out. As well, all drivers need to look out for increased bicyclists and pedestrians.

If You’ve Been Injured in a Motorcycle Collisions

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