Fatality in Wrong-Way Crash at Lucas And Hunt, St. Louis, Missouri

One Killed in Three-Vehicle Crash in North County

A 52 year-old St. Louis woman died at the scene of a traffic collision after a vehicle traveling the opposite direction struck her and another driver in a head-on collision.

The incident occurred at approximately 1 p.m. Tuesday afternoon on Lucas and Hunt just north of Interstate 70. The victim was driving a Nissan Sentra northbound on Lucas and Hunt. At the same time, a 71 year-old man was also driving northbound.

The Missouri Highway Patrol said a 35 year-old man was traveling in a SUV southbound on the same road before he crossed over the middle of the Lucas and Hunt Road and struck both of the northbound vehicles. The driver in the vehicle traveling the wrong way was injured. In addition to the fatality, the 71 year-old man reported with minor injuries.

At this time, it is unclear why the 35 year-old man crossed the center line, striking both cars head-on.

Head On Collisions Considered One of the Most Serious Types of Crashes

While circumstances of any motor vehicle crash can cause serious injury, head-on collisions are generally very serious in nature for several reasons. When two cars crash into each other head on, they usually strike with greater force than when cars hit at any other angle. Thus, the force of both vehicles can be combined when they strike head on.

Also, head on collisions are particularly dangerous because the force is concentrated close the driver and front-seat passengers.

While the investigation continues in determining why the SUV crossed the center line in this incident, there are common reasons for these types of crashes:

According to Fatal Analysis Reporting Systems data, three out of four head-on wrecks occur on undivided two-lane roads and three out of four head-on collisions happen on rural roads.

Representing Victims of Motor Vehicle Crashes

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It’s what we do.

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