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The State of Missouri has an absolute speed limit law. This means that if a person is driving even one mile an hour over the posted speed limit, that person is breaking the law. Driving at excessive speeds not only leaves a driver at risk of getting a speeding ticket, it also places all other vehicles on the road at risk of an accident. Speeding does not allow a driver enough time to react to unexpected circumstances, and therefore increases the likelihood of a crash. If a person driving at excessive speeds collides with another vehicle, motorcyclist, bicyclist or pedestrian, the results can be catastrophic of even fatal.

Missouri law requires that people operate their motor vehicle in a careful and prudent manner, at a rate of speed so as not to endanger the property of another or the life or limb of any person. In addition, drivers must exercise the highest degree of care (Missouri. § 304.012.1). Speed limits are chosen based on research determining the safest speeds for a particular roadway.

Missouri speed limits are as follows with areas of exception such as road construction and maintenance areas:

  • 70 MPH on rural interstate and freeways
  • 65 MPH on rural expressways
  • 60 MPH on urban interstate highways, expressways and freeways
  • 60 MPH on other roads (except State 2 lane lettered roads) not located in an urban area
  • 55 MPH on State 2 lane lettered roads

If you were injured in a car accident caused by a speeding driver, you may have a personal injury claim.  People who drive at excessive speeds are not providing the highest degree of care to others on the road, nor are they operating their motor vehicle in a manner that would prevent an accident. This type of negligence can often lead to unnecessary financial burdens to those who are injured because of such conduct. A St. Louis car accident attorney from The Cagle Law Firm can help you prove negligence on the part of the other driver in order to obtain compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Proving Negligence in Your Missouri Speeding Accident

When needed, we have the resources to utilize an expert accident reconstructionist to investigate the scene of your accident. This expert can perform situational analysis, measure skid marks and review damage to the vehicles involves as well as any other objects at the scene that can be used as evidence to prove the cause of your accident. We may also review any and all police records and speak with the officers present at the scene of your accident. We may also interview any witnesses who may be able to give insight into the speed at which the other car was driving, review footage from traffic cameras and security cameras that may have caught the speeding driver on tape.

St. Louis Speeding Accident Attorney

It is tremendously unfair to suffer an injury due to the negligence of another. If you’ve been injured as a result of a speeding driver, contact a St. Louis car accident attorney from The Cagle Law Firm at (314) 276-1681. Our personal injury lawyers are here to help you.

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