Head-on Collisions in Howard County and Taney County

Two Fatalities and Two Seriously Injured in Head-on Collision

On Tuesday afternoon a 18 year-old Glasglow, MO woman was driving a Dodge Neon and crossed the center lane and struck a Ford Fusion driven by a 75 year-old Keytesville, MO man. Vehicles were traveling in opposite directions on MO 87, one mile north of Route K. A passenger in the Neon, 15 year-old Glasgow, MO female was taken to a Columbia, MO hospital with serious injuries. Anther passenger, a 17 year-old Booneville male student was fatally injured in the crash.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol crash report, none of the occupants in either car were wearing safety devices.

Taney County Head-On Collision Results in Moderate Injuries

Today, around 9:30 a.m. , a Ford Escort traveled across the center line and struck a Chrysler Town & Country head-on. The Escort was driven by a 25 year old Mansfield, MO man. He and his 20 year-old female passenger of Ava, MO were both considered moderately injured and taken to local hospitals. The driver of the Chrysler was a 38 year-old Hollister, MO woman and her 34 year old Lebanon, MO male passenger were also both listed as moderately injured. The crash occurred on Highway 76, one mile west of Bradleville, MO. According to crash reports, all occupants were wearing seat belts.

When victims are listed as “moderate” or “serious”, it is simply a label differing life-threatening injuries from non-life threatening injuries. Injuries are unique to the person. While a moderate injury may involve broken bones, it can still be a serious or life-changing injury. When law enforcement labels an injury as “serious”, it is because it is life-threatening. However, moderate injuries and serious injuries both may require large amounts of medical treatment and take many months to recover. The listing of degree of injury by law enforcement is not a “verdict” so to speak about how much medical help one will require. For that reason, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. It is always next to impossible for your doctors to know the full extent of your injuries or how you will heal in the first few weeks, thus, you should not share information with the insurance adjuster. You should know what is wrong with you before “oversharing” with insurance adjusters.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions are almost always very serious in nature an often fatal. Head-on crashes tend to be the most devastating because of the combined force of both vehicles concentrated on the front-seat passenger portions of the vehicles. The combined force of two vehicles multiple the force on the occupants. Head-on collisions happen due to a number of reasons such as drunk driving, drowsy driving, distracted driving, unsafe passing on two-lane roads and speeding. Regarding Tuesday’s crash, accident reconstruction experts have had to recreate the crash and do an investigation. Any time there is a fatality at the scene of a crash, accident reconstructionist generally temporarily close the highway to preserve evidence.

Investigations of fatal crashes are important for two reasons. One, the investigation helps determine the cause of causes of the crash which can be important for liability regarding insurance claims. Second, the findings contribute to the greater results of all fatal crashes to assist authorities in safety recommendations. Furthermore, car manufacturers examine the years-long data to assist in making safer cars. These investigations do not change the results of the serious injuries or the fatalities but they do help in determining liability and future safety recommendations for roadway construction and car manufacturers.

Questions Following a Serious Crash

Many have questions following a serious crash. The questions can be endless and the devastation of loss of life or serious injuries is overwhelming. Regarding Tuesday’s crash, family and friends will want to know what caused the Dodge Neon to cross the center line. Family members of those lost and those seriously injured have many concerns regarding medical treatment length and costs. So many of those questions cannot be answered in the first week. More often than not, if you are seriously injured or have lost a loved one in a motor vehicle crash, you absolutely should speak with an experienced car crash attorney before speaking to any insurance companies.

Our clients are not looking to “get rich”, rather each victim or family member I speak to are more concerned about trying to plan for the present and future. They often are overwhelmed and very unsure of how they are going to overcome such overwhelming odds. As car crash attorneys, we look for the much needed compensation to assist with medical bills and future medical bills and life changes due to the crash. We offer free consultations daily.

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