Illinois Family Remembers Loss Due to Drunk Driving

Parents Hope Son’s Memorial Reminds Teens to Not Drink and Drive

stretch of roadway has been marked in memory of Anthony Mabie in Springfield, Illinois. Anthony “Tony” Mabie was killed after he was struck by three vehicles while walking home from a bar in 2009.

Alcohol Related Pedestrian Death

On August 25, 2009, the 26 year-old man was struck and killed  by several trucks in Springfield, Illinois on Toronto Road.  His parents want to keep the memory of their son alive through safety education encouraging teens to make safe decisions and not drink and drive.

According to reports, the victim was walking along Toronto Road around 2 a.m. after being asked to leave a local bar.  According to reports, two to three vehicles struck the pedestrian who may have fallen onto the road. Three motorists and a bar owner were originally charged in connection with the fatal accident.

Three drivers were charged with driving under the influence and a bar owner was charged in hiding one of the drivers after the crash.


The events that occurred that night were tragic. The parents of the pedestrian hope that the memorial sign will remind young people of the dangers of drinking and driving. This August will mark seven years since the death of their son and he would have been 33 years old. Her hope is that teens will remember the importance of sober driving especially during prom and graduation season.

Fatal Crashes

In 2014, there were 131 teens involved in fatal crashes and in 2015, there were 137 according to Illinois State Trooper Sean Ramsey.  Car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens and about 25 percent of those involve underage drinking. Teen alcohol use kills 4,700 people each year.  Illinois State Highway Patrol hopes the memorial will serve as a reminder of sober driving. “We want everybody to get home safely. Make prom and graduation a happy time of year rather than tragedies that have happened in the past”, said Ramsey.

 Car Crashes

Raising awareness about the life-changing consequences of drinking and driving is important through out the year but especially during the prom and graduation season. Teen car crashes usually rise during the celebratory spring of the year and teens can change that statistic by not drinking and driving and refusing to ride with those who are drinking.  Life-changing consequences can occur with one bad decision.

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