Fatal Car Crashes Increase in Missouri for 2016

Statistics so far this year indicate an increase in fatal car crashes throughout Missouri

So far, there have been 249 people who have died in traffic-related accidents in Missouri alone. That figure has increased by 20 people compared to the same time last year.

At this rate, the fatalities for 2016 could well exceed 1,000 which would be an increase by 20 percent over last year.

Fatal Crash Numbers

During 2014, there were 29,989 fatal motor crashes in the U.S.  This resulted in 10.2 deaths per 1000,000 people.

We all want to decrease the number of car accidents as that directly impacts our safety.  There are things each of us can do to reduce the number of motor vehicle crashes, thus reducing serious injuries and fatalities.

Factors that Decrease the Likelihood of Motor Vehicle Crashes

Refrain from speeding.  Excessive speed will often earn you a ticket, but also may leave you and others at risk for a crash.

  • Wear a Seat belt. Safety restrains cannot guarantee lack of injury, but statistically, they increase overall safety and a reduction in injuries and fatalities.
  • Pay attention. Inattentiveness is the number one cause of motor vehicle crashes.  Daydreaming, interacting with others in the vehicle, eating, typing in directions, etc, etc….causes distraction.
  • Remember what you learned in driver’s education– look to your left, your right and back to your left again–this is increasingly important at intersections.
  • Double check your blind spots. This obviously seem important when backing, but is crucial on interstates.  Drivers can make an improper lane change because they didn’t check their blind spot resulting in a high speed crash
  • Never, never, never drink alcohol and drive.  Alcohol-related crashes are tragic because they are preventable and if you are involved in a drunk driving crash and you have been drinking, you will face criminal charges along with injuries.
  • Avoid texting and driving.  While we are warned daily of the dangers of texting and driving and it banned in many municipalities and states, we still see people driving down the street looking at their cell phone—easiest way to rear-end someone.
  • Never Assume others will yield.  While some trust is required to share the roadway with others, you cannot always assume that others will always see you and  yield even if the road sign indicates. When others violate traffic laws, you can be a victim thus you must drive defensively.
  • Be patient–it is truly difficult to be patient especially if you’re running late or have been in a traffic jam for a long time–it’s aggravating. But, many traffic crashes occur simply due to impatience and drivers rushing red lights or trying to beat a yellow.

Do Your Part by Driving Safe

Be a responsible driver.  Statistics tell us that if you live in a metropolitan area, you will experience an average of five crashes over your lifetime. While we don’t advocate that you planning on having a crash, we do advocate that you should know what you should do following a motor vehicle crash.   It’s not morbid or jinxing yourself to know what steps you would follow if a motor vehicle crash should occur in your family. Just as you need a house fire evacuation plan, you should know where to turn in the event of a car crash. And, car crashes are  a lot more likely than a house fire.

At The Cagle Law Firm, we represent victims of motor vehicle accidents daily and we know how difficult it can be for individuals to negotiate with insurance companies.  A personal injury claim or a wrongful death claim can be very difficult to navigate on your own while trying to restore some normalcy to the lives in your family.  Our attorneys are available seven days a week for free consultations.

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