Insurance Study Shows Misconception About Distracted Driving

New Insurance Study Shows People Think Distracted Driving is as Dangerous as Drunk Driving

The results of recently published study are both surprising and illogical. Not surprising, the majority of people surveyed agreed that texting and driving is dangerous, causes crashes, and may be more dangerous than drunk driving.

Surprisingly, an astounding number of people still made the claim that they are “good” at texting and driving How do we make sense of this? As a car crash attorney, my question is What, What???!!!

According to the online survey study done by the insurance industry, about one-third of drivers feel “confident” in their own ability to text and drive, yet the majority believe distracted driving is the biggest cause of auto accidents and 90 percent say it should be illegal.

What is the Cause of the Gap Between Perception and Reality?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 3,477 people were killed and 391,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers in 2015. People “perceive” or “believe” that distracted driving is as dangerous as drunk driving, but, some do not make the transition to applying this concept to their own driving is conflicting. Meaning, they fail to understand the obvious—they are not “good” at a dangerous behavior.

Stuntman Evel Knievel was really good at jumping things on his motorcycle…………………..until he wasn’t. Maybe you don’t remember Evel Knievel? The point being, Evel Knievel and all stunt riders know that it doesn’t matter how “good” you think you are at a dangerous behavior—–it is still dangerous. They know that despite how great they are at stunts/ dangerous stunts—-they will most likely be injured. And, they are professionals!

The Question Remains…….If you know texting and driving is dangerous, why continue to do it?

The study did discover that teenagers are the predominantly largest group to be involved in fatal distracted driving crashes. Is it just because they are young and naïve? Or, it could the be fact that teens have literally grown up with technology integrated into every aspect of their lives thus maybe they think they are better at adapting?

The facts remain the same. Distracted driving causes crashes and crashes injure and kill people.

Safety organizations and law enforcement have been educating the population on the dangers of drunk driving, and yet decades later, still too many people climb behind the wheel after drinking. Thus, this battle to overcome illogical thinking regarding texting and driving seeming overwhelming at times.

It’s a Habit We All Must Break

Being on your smartphone all the time is not just tempting to teens. We all have become attached to our smartphones. There are some activities in life where you simply must be “unattached” to your phone.

By definition, “distracted driving” is dangerous. You just cannot operate a vehicle while distracted or drunk without endangering yourself and others. At some point, one’s luck simply runs dry.

Some Key Findings in the Study:

  • 62% of 18-34 year olds are very or somewhat confident in their ability to text while driving, while only 6% of individuals 55 and older felt the same confidence.
  • Yet, 64% of 18-34 year olds think texting or looking at a phone while driving is the most common cause of crashes
  • Twice as many men as women were “confident” in their abilities to text and drive
  • 88% of men and 97% of women think texting should not be allowed.

Some Observations of Someone Who Serves Victims of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Daily, I talk with people injured in motor vehicle crashes. And, it is true that the number one cause of car crashes is inattentiveness which can include distracted driving. It takes mere seconds of being distracted or inattentive to be involved in a crash. Those who have been injured by distracted drivers KNOW that distracted driving is dangerous.

Living in 2017, each and every one of us has been informed and made aware of how unsafe it is to engage in distracted driving. Safety organizations, highway safety authorities, and law enforcement have all dedicated many, many resources to make us all aware of the dangerous nature of distracted driving. Put down your phone while driving.

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle crash, you will probably need an expert car crash attorney.

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