Safe Easter Road Travel in Illinois and Missouri

Increased Drivers Over Easter Holiday Weekend

Many families across Missouri and Illinois are preparing to hit the road over Easter. While Easter weekend is not considered to be a huge travel holiday for drivers, authorities say they do see a rise in road travelers.

Use More Caution in Increased Traffic

Any holiday weekend usually results in more road travelers and any time there is increased traffic, an increase in holiday traffic crashes also usually occurs.  Authorities recommend to use caution, be alert and plan ahead.

  • Obey the Rules of the Road- Remember,  as more people are on the roadway, obeying the road rules including adherence to the speed limit is critical for safety.
  • Avoid Distracted Driving- Put your smart phone away if possible. If you are using your smart phone  for directions, be sure you are using hands free technology rather than looking at your phone.  Looking at your phone for directions is just as dangerous and distracting as texting and driving.  Keeping your eyes focused on the roadway is critical at ALL times.
  • Seatbelts, Seatbelts, Seatbelts–Be sure you and everyone in your vehicle is properly restrained. Be sure that children are in age and size-appropriate restraints.
  • Pay Attention to Weather and Plan Ahead–Allow extra time in getting to your destination especially if there is rain or other inclement weather. It is the Midwest, so weather can change in a matter of a few hours
  • Be Patient.  Always allow a little extra time for your trip to allow for increased traffic.  Being inpatient often results in more rear-end crashes.
  • Avoid Drinking and Driving

 Weekend Driving-Avoid Drinking and Driving

Weekends in general see more alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes and those numbers tend to increase over holiday weekends. What do we usually do when we celebrate a holiday?  If you are like me, it’s another holiday to gather with friends and family doing what we do best—eat, eat and celebrate being together.

Whether you are observing a religious holiday or simply gathering with friends and family, be sure to be safe in your highway travels. Avoid distracted driving and climbing behind the wheel after drinking.

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