Higher Number of Car Fatalities in Greene County, Missouri

Greene County Sees Increase in Car Crash Fatalities

According to data through the Missouri Department of Transportation, Southwest Missouri’s fatalities due to car wrecks is up 26 percent from this time last year. As statewide numbers are on the rise, Greene County sits at the top of the Southwest Missouri statistics with 10 deaths already this year while other counties have suffered three or less.

SW Missouri District Traffic Engineer with MODOT, Joe Rickman said,

“Even if you’re a very cautious, very careful person, you don’t know what the next vehicle coming at you is doing. You put a lot of faith in the fact thinking they’re going to be doing the same thing. Put your seat belt on, protect yourself as much as you can and if we could get a 5-10 percent increase of people actually wearing their seat belt, we could probably save 40-50 lives a year”.

In the spring, we have increased daylight hours as well as the low gas prices both contribute to more cars on the road.  Additionally, spring break generally brings about more motorists.

High, Vulnerable Persons

Rickman went on to state that in nice weather there are more bicyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists which he calls “high vulnerable persons” because they can be more vulnerable to injury in a crash as, “They don’t have a steel box around them”. Rickman stated that drivers need to pay special attention to look for bicyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists always but especially in the spring and summer months.

Number One Cause of Death for Teens

Nationally and statewide, the number one cause of death for teens is car wrecks and according to Rickman, one of the causes of wrecks is cell phone use.  He says it is not enough to ask people to put their phones down, he suggests shutting the phone off completely from point A to point B as the temptation to check a message or answer a call is just too high.

Injured in a Motor Vehicle Incident

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle crash, you will probably need an experienced car crash attorney. At The Cagle Law Firm, we represent injured victims of car crashes and motorcycle crashes.  We know that the days, weeks and months following an injury can cause havoc in your life including lost work, medical bills and the sheer commitment to time that it takes to recover.  As well, we represent family members who have lost loved ones in fatal motor vehicle crashes.  After the death of a loved one, it is difficult to think about investigations and insurance negotiations as generally the family is in shock and not sure of what to do next.

Our attorneys understand that you need someone to act on your behalf and in your best interest.

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