Semi-Truck Side Swipes Tour Bus on Interstate 70

Photo credit: Parker Lewis. KMOV

Truck Shears Side of Bus on Interstate 70 Near Blue Springs, Missouri

A tour bus apparently pulled semi-truck struck the bus shearing off the driver’s side of the bus, trapping two passengers.

According to Sgt. Colin Stosberg of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, “Tractor trailer traveled off the main portion of the highway and struck the bus as it was stopped on the shoulder”.

The victims range in age from 18 to 54 and were taken to Centerpoint Medical Center in Independence. Most were treated for minor injuries, however, two people were seriously injured.

Questions Remaining:

Based on photos and videos, it is pleasantly surprising to find out that no one was killed!  Yet, questions remain such as why was the truck driver not in his lane and if there were other factors such as fatigued or impairment.  A thorough investigation needs to occur regarding the route the driver was taking, hours driven and examination of the data box to determine speed and other vital information about the semi-truck.

A flat tire or blowout would certainly be a reason the bus could not proceed to exit the interstate for safety.  An investigation would need to be done to determine fit he tour bus transportation company completed a  safety check on the bus before leaving the St. Louis. The tour bus was traveling from St. Louis to Kansas City, Missouri.

Just last week we blogged about the tragic death of a pedestrian on Interstate 44 near Springfield, Missouri where the pedestrian’s pick-up was struck from the rear by a semi-truck as the pedestrian was crossing in front of his own vehicle.  Apparently, the pedestrian had pulled over to the shoulder to aid another motor vehicle accident victim.

Even though it appears that in both incidents, the stopped vehicles were on the side of the roadway, in both scenarios a truck veered out of the driving lane and hit the vehicles while they were stopped on the side of the roadway.

Importance of an Investigation

As a rule, fatal accidents are investigated by the  Missouri Highway Patrol, however, yesterday’s crash  near Blue Springs may or may not be as extensively investigated because, thankfully, no fatalities were reported. Since both vehicles involved were commercial vehicles, a thorough investigation for the purposes of liability will be critical.

Injured victims of the yesterday’s crash should seek legal representation as soon as possible. Our attorneys have represented numerous victims of bus accidents and semi-truck crashes. These types of crashes are different than passenger vehicle crashes because they are commercial and commercial carriers must follow FMCSA regulations.

If You or a Family Member Has Been Injured…

If you or a family member has been injured in a motor vehicle accident or specifically, a commercial carrier crash, you will need legal representation.  It is important that you retain counsel as soon as possible so evidence can be preserved and investigations can be completed, documented and preserved.  No one knows in the first few days after a crash the full extent of their injuries, so settling with any insurance company in the first few weeks without legal counsel if never advised.

You should have all the information possible before attempting to make any decisions.

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