Spring to Snow to Spring: Driving in Missouri Weather

Mother Nature is often quite temperamental in the Midwest.  In Missouri they say, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a day”.

Last week we were blessed with spring-like weather only to wake up today to three-five inches of snow–classic late February and March conditions.

So, How Do You Prepare as a Driver?

The best thing you can do is watch local weather reports and plan. Plan to allow extra driving time for those days when we are “blessed” with snow, and of course, you still have to plan on spring-like days as there is usually more traffic.  When it is really nice outside, you have to plan for more motorcycles and bicycles. When it snows, you have to plan for other motorists on the side of the roadway and increased traffic jams. Driving appropriately for weather conditions can reduce the number of motor vehicle accidents.

If the Roadway Conditions are Unpredictable……..

  • First, slow down. When in doubt, slow down on snow or ice covered roads. Even in rainy conditions, hydroplaning can be a problem, so reducing your speed is helpful.
  • Be sure your vehicle is serviced and in good working order
  • Check your windshield wipers, wiper fluid and tires.
  • Be sure you have emergency supplies with you should you become stranded.

If You Are Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident.

  • Call 911 immediately.  Often, the time that you wait to call 911 can be the difference in a victim receiving life-saving medial attention
  • Report the facts to the officer.  Just tell the officer what happened and avoid using “I feel” statements. The officer’s job is to asses if there are life-threatening injuries, clear the scene and complete the incident report. Often after a crash, we are very emotional, however, the officer will be able to work the crash much quickly if you have your information ready (insurance card, driver’s license, etc) and simply report the events without editorial remarks.
  • Seek medical attention right away. Obviously, if you or anther person suffer an injury that requires immediate medial treatment such as an ambulance, then you will not be able to do the following:
    • Take photos of your vehicle and other vehicles, preferably at the crash site
    • Get the name, address, phone number and email address of the other driver(s) and occupants.
    • Obtain the insurance information from the other driver(s) and share your information with them. This may be done through the police officer as well.
    • Follow the officer’s directives about moving your vehicle.

Download our Free Injury Attorney Phone App


InjuryAttorney Free Application for iPhone/Droid

The Cagle Law Firm has a free iPhone and Droid application that lists the steps you need to follow after a motor vehicle crash.  As said before, it is usually a very emotional time and it is hard to think clearly. Our free phone app gives a check list of things to do, allows you to capture important information such as insurance information and photos and has options to find local tow services, taxis and local hospitals.

It’s a good download to have even though we hope you Never have to use it!

At The Cagle Law Firm, we know that car crashes are stressful experiences and can become more complicated depending on the injuries you sustain. Do not assume that an injury is only an “injury” if you have broken bones or are bleeding profusely.  Trauma to the body can cause many types of injuries and you want to be sure that you see a medical professional. Specifically, if you have had head trauma. Closed head injuries are one of the most frequent injuries that go undiagnosed as the victim may or may not seek medial help.  Closed head injuries can develop into a serious injury if not treated and in some cases, brain damage or death.

Contact an Expert Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney As Soon as Possible

We always suggest that you consult a personal injury attorney before making any statements to any insurance company.  Especially if you are injured and have been prescribed any kind of mediations that may cause you to inaccurately remember the events leading up to the crash.  Our attorneys are available seven days a week for free, confidential consultations.

Call us at (314) 276-1681.

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