Two Fatal St. Louis Crashes in 12 Hours

Head-On Collisions in Greater St. Louis

Head-on car crashes are serious because the combination of forces of two vehicles colliding from the front. Where other crashes such as a rear-end crashes distribute some of the impact through the vehicle, head-on collisions combine the velocity of both vehicles. Two fatal crashes happened within 12 hours of each other in mid-August in the greater St. Louis area which is unusual and horrible. Head-on collisions are not the most frequent types of crashes but they tend to be the most deadly.

Fatal Riverview Crash

At approximately 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday, August 14, 2018; a 27 year-old woman was killed and a man was injured in a head-on crash on Riverview Drive. According to reports, the woman was killed in a head-on collision after she attempted to pass a semi-truck in the southbound lane on Riverview Drive. There were two vehicles in the northbound lanes. Her Altima side-swiped a Buick, then hit a Chevy Impala directly from the front. The driver of the Impala was taken to the hospital and is reported as “stable”.

Fatal Telegraph Road Crash

A 20 year-0ld man driving a Firebird crossed lanes of the northbound roadway of Telegraph Road near Denacre Drive in South County. Reportedly, the driver crossed into oncoming traffic and hit a southbound box truck. The young man was transported to a local hospital where he later died. The driver of the box truck suffered minor injuries. Telegraph Road was closed for much of Wednesday morning.

Common Causes of Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions can happen for a number of reasons, but the most common include drunk drivers, drowsy drivers, distracted drivers, speeding or unsafe passing. According to the Fatal Analysis Reporting System, three out of four head-on crashes occur on rural roads; and three out of four head-on collisions occur on undivided two-lane roads.

Neither of the crashes that occurred this week fit into the above statistics. In both of the crashes this week, neither occurred on rural roads nor were the roads two-lane or undivided.

There can be few things more horrifying than seeing a vehicle coming straight at you from the front in a head-on collision. Serious injuries are usually the result including paralysis, spine and back injuries and fractured limbs. Worse yet, head-on collisions are frequently fatal.

Certainly, investigators are examining both crashes as to causes. As a result of a fatal crash, reconstruction experts examine the terrain, witness statements, property damage and specific injuries or each person to make a determinations. Certainly, the driving choices of those drivers involved prior to the crash will have to be investigated and usually, testing is done to determine if alcohol is involved.

Following a Head-On Collision

Injuries are almost always serious if not fatal, thus car crash victims are often not able to communicate with an attorney immediately. As a family member, looking out for your relative’s best interest is one of the most helpful things you can do. Determine who the representative family is in relation to the victim. For example, if the victim is unmarried then a parent or adult child of the victim is a good point of contact. The aftermath of a such a serious crash is devastating to family and friends. We have represented many seriously injured victims of car crashes and usually when we meet the victim or the family, it is in a dire circumstance. We do the investigation and legal correspondence that no victim should attempt on their own. One, if you are seriously injured, you won’t know the end result. You don’t know how long your treatment will take, any permanent injuries or the estimated cost. Second, if you are injured then you are usually medicated. For good reason, you should never, never talk with any insurance adjuster while you are on much needed pain medication. Pain medication impacts your ability to recall facts, thus don’t talk to any insurance adjusters.

We handle the legal questions and let you focus on the rehabilitation.

Serious Crashes Require Serious Questions

If you or a loved one has been involved in a head-on collision, you have questions. Uncertainty is one of the most frightening portions of a car crash claim. If you are injured, you will need legal assistance. Seriously injured people always need legal help. No one who is injured should ever try to deal with insurance companies and certainly not after a serious injury or a death in the family.

Before you speak to an insurance adjuster, consult an attorney. We do free, confidential consultations daily. We would much rather you have the information to make an informed decision than attempt to negotiate with an insurance adjuster alone.

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