Warmer February Weather-Motorcycle Fatalities in Missouri

Unseasonably Warmer Weather in Missouri

One thing you can count on in Missouri–unpredictable weather. In February, we have been seeing unusually warm weather. Generally, we think of hearing motorcycles in the spring time, but when we enjoy warmer temperatures, more motorcyclists take to the roadways.

Injured Motorcyclist Dies from Crash

A 17 year-old Maryland Heights youth passed yesterday from serious injuries sustained in a February 5, 2107 motorcycle crash. According to the Missouri Highway State Patrol, the young man was a passenger on a Kawasaki motorcycle that collided with a car at Natural Bridge and Fairfield Avenue, the intersection east of the St. Louis Lambert International Airport.

It was reported that the car was pulling out of Fairfield. The driver of the motorcycle was a 20 year-old man also of Maryland Heights and he sustained serious injuries.

Deaths in Twin Oaks, Motorcycle-Car Collision

Two people were killed Sunday in a motorcycle-car collision. The crash happened in the afternoon when the driver of the car attempted to turn left and was struck by a motorcycle driven by a 26 year-old man. The incident occurred on Big Bend Road west of Highway 141. The motorcyclist and the passenger in the vehicle were killed. A passenger, a 66 year-old woman was killed and the driver was treated for minor injuries.

Higher Temperatures Result in Increased Motorcyclists and Bicyclists

When the temperature warms, we see an increase in motorcycles and bicycles and many passenger vehicle drivers are caught off guard as they have not been in the practice of looking for cyclist since fall. Failure of drivers to see motorcyclists is one of the most common reasons for motorcycle collisions with other vehicles, specifically due to their size. As the driver of a passenger vehicle, we do not register motorcycles and bicycles as a “threat” in the same sense that we view other passenger vehicles or large trucks. Motorcycles can often be approaching faster than they appear or drivers simply fail to see them.

However, in the collisions described above, we do not know at this time all of the facts related to the crash. We do not know if one of the parties failed to yield or if the driver did or did not see the motorcyclist. At this point, we only know that a tragic crash took place, taking the lives of two people.

Investigations Following Fatal Crashes

In collisions that result in a fatality, incident reconstructions are done in the state of Missouri. Accident reconstruction experts gather the physical evidence at the scene, collect information about the type of injuries and take statements in an attempt to gather as much information as to the causes and contributing causes of the crash. These investigations are done for a couple of reasons. One, the information gathered contributes to the research on crashes and assists safety organizations in prevention. Second, investigations are done to determine causes of crashes in order to answer questions for family members and questions of liability.

If you or a loved one has been in a motor vehicle collision, you should contact an expert personal injury attorney right away. An attorney can be certain investigations are done and if needed, hire accident reconstruction experts to further evaluate the crash. After a serious injury collision or death, the victims and family have many things with which to cope and worrying about investigations and insurance negotiations are overwhelming.

At The Cagle Law Firm, our attorneys know how difficult the days and weeks following a crash can be. The claim and legal process is not a process you should have to do on your own.

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