Warmer Weather–Look Out for Motorcycles

After last weekend, we are all pretty excited about today’s warm, spring-like weather!

Keep A Lookout for Motorcyclists and Bicyclists

We’ve been scrapping our windshields and dealing with road salt for months now and the sunshine outside beckons us to roll the windows down and get outside.

Also, after these many weeks of snow and ice, we have gotten out of the practice of looking for motorcyclists and bicyclists, however, they are out today and probably more over the weekend.

In fact, as I write this article, I can hear the motorcycles up and down the streets of downtown St. Louis. I frequently write on motorcycle safety as a reminder to drivers. Our goal is to reduce the number of motorcycle crashes due lack of other drivers looking for them or paying attention. In many situations, we just need to be reminded that motorcycles will be out on the roadway!

Simply Being Aware that Motorcycles are on the Roadway Can Reduce the Number of Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycles are very different than over vehicles in that they are much, much smaller and literally not nearly the crash threat to passenger vehicles as a semi-truck.  Typically, passenger car drivers don’t perceive them as a “threat” like they do other vehicles or large trucks, simply because of their size.  This is only logical if you think about it. As a passenger car driver, I’m going to notice a large truck and view it as more of a crash “threat” (potential to do more damage to me and the car I am in)  than I would a smaller truck or a smaller car.  It’s basic physics.

Raised awareness that more motorcycles are out and about can actually reduce the number of motorcycle crashes causing serious injury and death.

Sharing the Road

No matter how you view another vehicle in relation to the one you are in, it is critical that you pay close attention to ALL vehicles on the roadway. Since we all SHARE the roadway, we all agree to some basic rules of the roadway such as obeying all of the road signs, traveling at the appropriate rate of speed, refraining from drinking and driving and lastly (but not least important) is “keeping a safe lookout for other vehicles and people”.  Motorcyclists and bicyclists have rights and responsibilities when it comes to sharing the roadway just as any driver, but………………………………motorcycles are harder to see in traffic.  Because motorcycles are harder to see, they are often hit by passenger car drivers simply because they “did not see them”.

Visibility and the Blind Spot

There are two kinds of visibility–your ability to see vehicles and objects in and around your vehicle and the ability of other drivers to see You.  Motorcyclists have an extra challenge as they very much want to be SEEN by all drivers.  Safety experts recommend that motorcyclists wear bright, reflective clothing and the same is recommended for bicyclists.

As passenger vehicle drivers, we are all very familiar with the “blind spot” and the importance of adjusting your mirrors and double checking your blind spot before changing lanes, etc. As well, many vehicles now have rear-view cameras so that you can see what is behind you.

Involved in a Motorcycle or Car Crash?

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