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Jones Act Confidential Settlement, St. Louis City

Confidential Settlement Plaintiff alleged that  while attempting to check tow as a lead-man he slipped and fell severely injuring his right knee which required surgery. Moreover, Plaintiff claimed that he would require additional medical treatment for his injuries and Defendant failed to maintenance and cure him. Plaintiff brought his action…

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Illinois Confidential Truck Accident Settlment

SEMI TRUCK CRASH CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT On a snowy February day, Plaintiff was traveling southbound on Illinois Route 3 in Illinois. While traveling on the road Plaintiff noticed a car crash in the northbound lane of Illinois Route 3. Thus, the Plaintiff applied her brakes in an attempt to slow her car. However,…

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D.E. et. al v. Confidential

$4.75 MILLION DOLLAR SETTLEMENT FOR CLIENTS EXPOSED TO CHEMICAL Plaintiffs were performing contracting duties at a chemical plant when a chemical tank over pressurized releasing hazardous chemicals, including bromide vapor. Plaintiffs alleged that the Defendant was negligent in storing and recycling butanol acid and adding various compounds which resulted in…

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