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Greene County, Missouri Policy Limit Settlement


Plaintiff was rear-ended by the Defendant near Springfield, Missouri. As a result of the crash the Plaintiff’s car was totaled and she suffered serious injuries to her neck. Thereafter, Plaintiff underwent a surgical fusion to the vertebra in her neck. The Defendant’s insurance company attempted to avoid liability by alleging the reason for the crash was because of ice accumulation on the roadway and not Defendant’s negligence.

Subsequent to the insurance company’s denial, Plaintiff filed a law suit alleging that Defendant failed to keep proper distance from Plaintiff’s car; drove a rate of speed excessive for the conditions; was inattentive; and failed to take corrective actions to avoid crashing into Plaintiff’s car.

Defendant’s insurance company agreed to pay its policy limits days after Plaintiff filed an action in the Circuit Court of Greene County, Missouri.

M.R. v. C.S.


Plaintiff was headed westbound on a roadway in near Kirkwood, Missouri with her children. Plaintiff alleged  she crashed into Defendant’s car at an intersection because Defendent failed to yield the right-of-way at a green light. In the intersection crash, Plaintiff alleged injuries to her head, neck, and back including a closed head injury.

Furthermore, Plaintiff alleged that because of Defendant’s negligence she was forced to miss a semester of college and would have to undergo a surgical procedure to correct herniated disc in her neck in the future. Prior to trial, the Defendant’s auto insurance carrier agreed to pay their policy limits for Plaintiff’s alleged damages.

R.R. v. American Family Insurance


Plaintiff was hit by a car that left the site of the crash and which could not be identified through investigation. As a result of the crash, Plaintiff received injuries to her abdomen, left hand, left wrist, right shoulder, and right leg. While Plaintiff could not identify the responsible individual, she obtained a policy limits settlement from her insurance company pursuant to her uninsured motorist provision.

Motorcycle Accident Policy Limits Settlement

St. Louis County Motorcycle Accident

Plaintiff was a passenger on a motorcycle owned and operated by the Defendant. Plaintiff alleged that the Defendant was negligent when he ran off the roadway near O’Fallon, Missouri. In addition, Plaintiff alleged that Defendant was driving the motorcycle in an intoxicated condition at the time of the crash and thus is negligent per se under Missouri law.

Plaintiff alleged serious injuries to her knee, arm, shoulder, legs, and back which required her to be hospitalized and undergo several operations. Plaintiff also alleged serious and permanent scars to various parts of her body and lost wages as a result of the alleged negligent operation of the motorcycle. Prior to trial the parties reached a settlement for the Defendant’s applicable insurance policy limits.

St. Francois County Car Accident


Plaintiff was rear-ended by the Defendant near Bonne Terre, Missouri. Plaintiff alleged back injuries, including disc ruptures at L3-L4; L4-L5; and L5-S1; anxiety; and depression as a result of the car crash. In addition, Plaintiff claimed past and future loss wages as a result of the car crash.

Plaintiff alleged Defendant was negligent in rear-ending Plaintiff’s car; driving too close to Plaintiff’s car; and operating the car at an excessive speed immediately prior to the crash. The Defendant’s insurance carrier alleged that Plaintiff was negligent and contributed to the crash by stopping his car suddenly immediately prior to the crash. Also, Defendant’s insurance company alleged that because of the minimal damage to the cars Plaintiff’s back injuries could not have been caused by the crash. Prior to trial, however, the Defendant’s insurance company agreed to pay Plaintiff its policy limits.