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No one ever expects to be in a motor vehicle accident, yet there is an average of 6 million in the US per year. Even if you’re always a careful driver, it can still happen. Taking all the necessary precautions when riding a motorcycle can help keep you safe, but your safety also depends on the actions of other drivers. If another driver isn’t paying attention to the road, an accident can happen in seconds.

Accidents, even minor ones, are always terrible for everyone involved, but some motorcyclists can suffer far worse injuries than other occupants of passenger vehicles. Not all vehicles are designed to protect drivers in the event of an accident. Motorcycle drivers often suffer from some of the worst injuries in an accident because of this. With almost nothing to protect them from the road or other cars, motorcyclists are more likely to be injured in even minor accidents.

Recovering from a motorcycle accident is extremely difficult and requires a great deal of help to get through. One valuable asset that everyone needs during this time is an experienced personal injury lawyer. At The Cagle Law Firm, we know how important compensation is for your recovery. We would encourage you to work with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Chicago, IL, to help you get through this difficult time.

What Are Common Chicago Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

Injuries sustained by motorcyclists tend to be severe. Due to the severity of these injuries, the help of a Chicago motorcycle accident attorney is often required. Motorcycle accident injuries can be life-altering and lead to expensive medical bills and a long, painful recovery. Financial compensation can provide some help to victims and their loved ones.

Internal Injuries

Many injuries a motorcyclist can suffer from after an accident are visible right away. However, they often suffer from serious internal injuries as well. During the impact of an accident, a motorcycle driver’s body is hit extremely hard. This can result in severe internal bleeding and damage to organs.

Spinal Cord Injuries

In motorcycle accidents, spinal cord injuries are unfortunately common. These injuries can happen when a car hits a motorcycle rider or when they fall onto the road. Motorcyclists have little to protect themselves against these injuries, and they can be extremely serious. Spinal cord injuries can lead to lifelong disabilities for motorcyclists. Motorcycle helmets do statistically reduce the number of head/spinal cord injuries, so always wear an approved helmet while riding.

Brain Injuries

All motorcyclists should wear helmets whenever they ride, but there’s still only so much protection these can provide. Brain injuries can be sustained not just when another vehicle hits a motorcycle, but also when the driver falls to the pavement. Even with a helmet, this can be a serious injury that may significantly impact a person for their entire life. Whenever brain injuries are involved in a motorcycle accident, you should speak with a motorcycle accident attorney in Chicago, IL.

Road Rash

Motorcyclists have their entire bodies exposed to the road if they’re in an accident. Because of this, road rash is a common injury in motorcycle accidents and something most other drivers don’t need to worry about. When a motorcycle driver falls onto the pavement after being hit, they can suffer from skin abrasions covering large portions of their body. Road rash can often be severe and has a high risk of infection, as well as causing life-long scars.

Skilled Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Chicago, IL

After a serious accident, a highly qualified motor vehicle accident lawyer is invaluable. With The Cagle Law Firm, this is exactly what you’ll get. We have experience working with people who have suffered due to motorcycle accidents and will put in the work that it takes to get you financial compensation.

Let us take away some of the stress of recovering from a motorcycle accident. If you or a loved one has recently been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact us for a Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer.


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