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Rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft have become incredibly popular throughout the United States, offering more options to the public for accessible transportation beyond taxi services and public transit. However, like any other motor vehicle on the roadway, rideshare vehicles are involved in collisions. As a passenger in a rideshare, you may or may not see exactly how a crash occurs. As a passenger, you have no legal responsibility or expectation to keep a lookout for traffic. Since the beginning of rideshare services, new legal issues have arisen, including liability for accidents and rideshare company liability. If you have experienced this type of personal injury accident, a Florissant rideshare accident attorney is an invaluable resource.

Helping Clients Recover from Rideshare Accidents in Florissant, MO

The attorneys at The Cagle Law Firm regularly provide compassionate and responsive legal counsel for a wide range of civil claims for damages, including all types of motor vehicle accident claims. While rideshare accidents can happen for the same reasons that all other vehicle accidents occur, these incidents tend to raise more complex questions of liability. If you are injured due to an error of the driver of your rideshare or another, there are multiple policies to sort through for coverage. We can help you discern your most viable options for recovering from this type of accident.

Our firm has a solid reputation as a leading choice for personal injury counsel in Florissant, MO,  and we have successfully helped many past clients with their cases. We can leverage our experience and our professional resources on your behalf to help you recover. We can guide you through the insurance claim filing process and make certain that the insurance company delivers a fair settlement offer. If they do not, we will help you explore further legal recourse against the insurer.

Insurance Issues Following a Rideshare Accident in Florissant

All rideshare companies are required to have auto insurance coverage, and every rideshare driver is required to have personal auto insurance that meets the state’s minimum coverage requirements. When a rideshare driver causes an accident, their personal auto insurance will likely apply to the resulting damages, but the rideshare company’s insurance may also apply depending on the timing of the accident.

Rideshare company insurance applies at different tiers depending on when an accident occurs. When a rideshare driver is not logged into their rideshare driver app, their own insurance applies if they cause an accident. If they are logged into their app and marked as available for a ride request, the first level of the rideshare company’s insurance will apply to an accident they caused.

Once a rideshare driver has picked up a passenger, the higher tier of the rideshare company’s insurance will come into effect until the passenger is delivered to their destination. Whenever a rideshare company’s insurance applies to an accident, the driver’s personal auto insurance usually applies first before the rideshare company’s insurance comes into play.

Ultimately, the insurance-related issues you could face in the aftermath of this type of accident are likely to be highly complex. Without an experienced attorney, you may have difficulty finding all of the applicable policies. An attorney will work at tracking down coverage while you seek medical treatment and attempt to return to your life. Our goal is to maximize your compensation after an injury collision.

Proving Fault for a Rideshare Accident in Florissant

Before you can recover any compensation for your damages from a rideshare accident, Missouri law requires that you prove fault for the accident. You must prove exactly how the accident happened and identify the party responsible before you can seek compensation for your losses. Rideshare accidents happen for the same reasons that all other vehicle accidents occur, and the most commonly cited cause of vehicle accidents is driver negligence.

Distracted driving, moving violations, and speeding are the most common causes of rideshare accidents in the Florissant area. Proving fault for an accident caused by negligence will require proving that the defendant held a duty of care that they breached in some way and consequently caused the plaintiff’s damages. The plaintiff must also prove causation, meaning their damages must have been the result of the defendant’s actions and not any other cause.

Your Florissant rideshare accident attorney can gather the evidence and testimony you may need to prove fault for your accident. This evidence may include the driver’s cell phone records, traffic camera footage, vehicle computer data, and testimony from witnesses who saw the accident occur. It is crucial that you work to gather this evidence immediately after the accident, but you may not be able to do this because of your injuries. This is why it is so crucial to work with an experienced Florissant rideshare accident attorney.

Recovering From Your Rideshare Accident

Auto insurance may cover some or all of your damages, but dealing with insurance companies is never easy. Your Florissant rideshare accident attorney can be invaluable for the help they can provide in proving liability and the full extent of your claimable damages. Most insurance companies will push back against claims, and the average person will not know how to react to these situations.

If the insurance company makes an unfair lowball settlement offer, your attorney may need to file a personal injury suit against the insurance carrier. The state’s personal injury laws allow a plaintiff to claim full repayment of all their economic damages, including medical expenses, and lost income. You may also have the right to claim compensation for projected future losses and their pain and suffering.

You may have an idea of the economic damages you can claim from the defendant in your personal injury case, but accurately assessing and proving the full scope of your projected future losses, as well as determining appropriate pain and suffering compensation, can be very difficult without an attorney’s assistance. Generally, you have medical records and bills to prove injuries, however, proving future medical support might be really challenging without an attorney. When you choose The Cagle Law Firm to represent your case, you can rest assured that we will develop a plan to maximize your recovery.

Find Legal Counsel in Florissant Today

It is vital that you contact a trustworthy attorney before discussing a claim with an insurance company representative. You will also need the help of a Florissant rideshare accident attorney to gather evidence that could prove crucial in your case.

The Cagle Law Firm offers legal counsel on a contingency fee basis, meaning you will only pay our firm a fee after we have won your case, and our contingency fee is a percentage of the total compensation we recover on your behalf. There is no fee if we cannot obtain a recovery for you, so there is no financial risk in choosing our team as your legal counsel.

Contact The Cagle Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation with a Florissant rideshare accident attorney you can trust. We can review the details of your claim and let you know how we can assist with your recovery.


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