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You have probably seen the statistics on car accidents in the United States: about six million occur throughout the country every year. No one expects to get into a car crash when they head out on the road, but all kinds of factors can come into play in such incidents. Car crashes are rarely “accidents,” meaning they do not occur by some freak set of circumstances. The vast majority of car accidents or incidents result from one or more drivers failing to act or acting incorrectly. That might involve speeding, driving inattentively, or failing to yield. While someone can be negligent while driving, it is not usually purposeful, or these incidents would be considered “crimes.” Negligence does not always mean someone is committing a criminal act. It is an important difference, these negligent actions may result in personal injury lawsuits.

Where a car accident lawyer practicing in Kansas City, MO, can help if you got hurt in the crash through no fault of your own. If the other driver’s negligence ultimately led to you being injured, you may be able to claim financial compensation. Your medical bills, lost wages, and physical and mental pain and suffering are all worth something in a case like this.

Don’t go it alone if you have been hurt in a car accident through another driver’s mistake. A Kansas City car accident lawyer from The Cagle Law Firm will know how to investigate and build you a winning case that considers your unique damages.

Here are some specific types of car accidents for which you may need a car accident lawyer.

Head-On Car Accidents

Head-on car accidents are among the most dangerous on this list. They involve two cars colliding with each other from the front, exacting the combined forces of both vehicles. Depending on the speed each car was going at the time, these accidents are almost always serious and often deadly. Since front ends can be crushed and airbags can suddenly deploy due to the force on the front-seat occupants, these crashes are frequently devastating. If you have been seriously hurt in a head-on car accident that wasn’t your fault, a car accident attorney at The Cagle Law Firm covering Kansas City, MO, can help. If you have a case for financial compensation, we won’t stop fighting until we win it for you.

Intersection Car Accidents

Next is the area of intersection car accidents. We bring special attention to this type of crash because it occurs so commonly throughout the United States. Intersections see roadways converge and cars turning across and through other lanes of traffic. That means intersections are primed for car accidents to occur if a driver fails to yield or stop as required. If someone is not paying enough attention, they can drive into another vehicle. If you passed through an intersection while following all the traffic laws, and someone hit you through a careless mistake and ended up injuring you, call a Kansas City car accident attorney at The Cagle Law Firm. Negligent drivers must be held accountable if they have caused you bodily harm.

Rear-End Car Accidents

The final item on our list is rear-end accidents. These occur when one car crashes into the back of the car in front of it. All too often, we see this happen due to the second driver following the first too closely while also not adhering to posted speed limits. Suddenly, an obstacle or otherwise unforeseen event can cause the first driver to have to stop suddenly, which dominoes into the second driver crashing into the first. The sudden impact could give the first driver whiplash or cause other damage to the neck, shoulders, or back. Negligence can also enter the scenario on the second driver’s part; suppose he or she was distracted while tailgating, either from using a cell phone or doing something else. Ultimately, as a driver, you are responsible for keeping a careful lookout for vehicles and objects in front of you and allow a proper following distance. If a distracted or inattentive driver is responsible for your injury in a rear-end accident, a car accident lawyer at The Cagle Law Firm in Kansas City, MO, can help you recover compensation for your losses.

Experienced Kansas City Car Accident Lawyers in Kansas City

If you have been hurt in a car accident due to the negligence of another driver, we want you to know you do not have to suffer alone or without aid. The Cagle Law Firm has been helping clients to recover financial compensation for their personal injuries for many years. Your medical bills, lost wages, and mental anguish must not go unanswered. We investigate and build your case based on evidence to support your claim for compensation.

Contact The Cagle Law Firm today to set up a free consultation and go over your case details. Our car accident lawyers in Kansas City, MO, will never stop fighting for what is right.


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