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People all over the world love riding bikes as a hobby or even as one of their primary means of transportation. Riding a bike is fun and healthy for people of all ages. Of course, from the moment you learn to ride a bike, you’re taught the importance of bike safety. Bicyclists understand the importance of doing everything they can to keep themselves safe, like paying attention to their surroundings and wearing a helmet. Unfortunately, even if a bicyclist does everything they can to protect themselves, there’s little they can do if a personal accident is caused by a driver texting and driving, or other driving errors.

Unsafe drivers can put bicyclists at huge risk. Accidents that would only be minor for other vehicles can lead to severe injuries for bicyclists. To recover from a bicycle accident, you need a bicycle accident lawyer in Lexington, KY. With help from The Cagle Law Firm, you can win compensation for injuries sustained in a bicycle accident.

What To Do After a Bike Accident in Lexington

Although a bicycle accident is always possible for bicyclists, no one is prepared to go through one themselves. The moments following your accident can be overwhelming, and you might not know what to do. However, after you’ve been hit by a reckless driver, or in any other type of accident, taking the right steps can help you down the road.

Here’s what to do after a bike accident.

Get Medical Help

A bike accident can cause serious, life-threatening injuries for bicyclists. The most important thing to do following an accident is to get medical care. In a serious bike accident, seeking medical help is critical. Getting medical help right away may make a big difference in your recovery.

Stay at the Scene Until the Police Arrive

Unless taken away by an ambulance, stay at the scene of the accident until the police arrive. Leaving the scene of a crash is a felony, so only do so if leaving in an ambulance. A police report is an important piece of documentation for your bicycle accident attorney in Lexington, KY to build their case. Be sure to speak with the police officers present to be sure they understand what happened. By doing this, the details of the event will be documented in the police report for reference.

Get the Driver’s Information

If you are physically able to do so, it’s important to take down all of the driver’s information. While the police will take down some of a driver’s information, you need to get this as well. You’ll need to obtain several pieces of information from the motorist, including their name, contact information, insurance information, driver’s license number, and license plate number. If there are any witnesses, be sure to get their contact information too.

Document the Scene

You most likely keep your phone with you while you’re out for a bike ride. If you have your phone with you, take photos of the scene of the accident from multiple angles. This will provide valuable insight for your personal injury lawyer. Not only will this show the damages of the accident, but also what the weather and road conditions were like and if they could have made an impact.

Find the Right Lawyer

After you’ve taken a moment to calm down following the accident and seek medical assistance, you need to contact a bicycle accident attorney in Lexington, KY. Bike accidents are very different from other road accidents, even if they have the same cause, like inattentive driving. A lawyer who’s experienced and trained to work with these cases can handle all of the specific details and challenges that come along with them better than anyone.

Skilled Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Lexington, KY

The help you get after a bike accident can make a huge difference in your recovery. Some of the most important help you’ll need is expert legal advice. The Cagle Law Firm can help give you the chance to win compensation that will cover the damages you’ve faced due to your accident. While no amount of compensation can undo your accident, it will help take away some of the stress you’re experiencing from it.

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