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Posted on November 13th, 2012,
by Zane Cagle

Posted on November 13th, 2012 by Zane Cagle

A Perryville man and his passenger were injured in Perryville, Missouri on Friday night in a two-vehicle crash involving his 2004 Ford Mustang and a charter bus.

According to the Perryville Police Department, the driver of the Mustang had been driving southbound on Highway 51 near the intersection of Brenda Street in Perryville when he attempted to make a turn into a Mr. Carwash.  The driver of the Mustang apparently turned into the path of a northbound bus. The right front area of the passenger bus collided with the Ford Mustang near the passenger door.

One of the Mustang passengers was extricated by the Perryville Fire Department and transported by air to a St. Louis hospital while the driver was taken by ambulance to Perry County Memorial Hospital with moderate injuries

According to the Perryville Police, there were only two passengers on the bus and it was stated that no one sustained any injuries. The driver of the bus from Hollow Rock, Tennessee apparently was wearing his seatbelt and also did not sustain any injuries. It is unknown at this time if the driver and passenger in the Ford Mustang were wearing seatbelts.

Certainly, investigators are following up to determine factors that may have caused or impacted the crash.  The initial investigations always consider speed, visibility, use of alcohol or other substances and any known distractions. These factors are investigated in all crashes as well as the use of signals. Witness accounts are always helpful when investigators are trying to recreate a scene or discover contributing factors.

According to reports on this accident, there is no indication of alcohol or substances and the speed at which the crash took place was not reported.  Collisions between passenger vehicles and buses are generally very serious and often fatal.  Buses and semi-trucks by nature are much larger and tend to cause greater damage to passenger vehicles than other smaller passenger vehicles. Stopping distance is always longer for a larger, more heaver bus or truck.

Each motor vehicle accident is unique, yet many of the same investigation rules still apply.  After you have been in an automobile accident, it is always important to contact a personal injury attorney near St LouisIn the days and weeks following a crash, you should closely monitor your physical symptoms.  Persisting pain and soreness should not be ignored. Initially, you may go the emergency room and they may conduct some x-rays.  Seeking this immediate medical care is critical, regardless of whether you have a personal injury claim.

If you have been in a crash with a bus or semi-truck, you are probably hurt and hurt badly.  In fact, you may not know the full extent of your injuries for several weeks.  Persisting neck and back pain including any numb or tingling in your extremities should be monitored by an experienced medical professional.  Symptoms such as these may indicated more serious problems than just soft tissue damage. Soft tissue damage is painful and should get better with time.  A tingling or numb sensation in your arms and/or legs is not symptoms to be ignored. Due to the trauma of an automobile accident, you will be sore the following days and weeks after a crash.  As said, some degree of soreness is expected, but persisting pain, numbness and headaches are signals that you need to seek additional care.

Contacting a personal injury attorney is an opportunity to gain information and get advice on how to proceed with your insurance claim. If you only have property damage and are not hurt, then you probably do not need an attorney. If you are hurt, then negotiating with insurance companies about your or the other driver’s car as well as negotiating regarding your medical bills can be complex and confusing. At The Cagle Law Firm, we advise clients and take care of the negotiating for them.  Getting better and putting your life back together after a crash is a full-time job and our experienced personal injury lawyers work hard to be certain you get fair compensation.

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