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Losing a loved one is never easy, but it’s all the more tragic when that loss could have been prevented. What’s worse, on top of the emotional anguish that comes with the death of a family member, you may find yourself facing financial burdens due to medical and funeral costs, inherited debt, and the loss of your loved one’s income and support.

The Cagle Law Firm’s wrongful death attorneys in Louisville, KY, know all too well the struggle you’re going through. We also know that you deserve justice and compensation. Losing a family member due to someone else’s negligence is a pain no one should ever have to experience, and costing someone else a family member is wrong.

Any personal injury lawyer can tell you that there are many types of wrongful death claims. You may not even realize that the circumstances surrounding your loved one’s death entitle you to financial compensation.

What Are Some Common Causes of Wrongful Death?

Transportation Fatalities

Among the most common types of wrongful deaths are transportation fatalities. These include bicycle, car, motorcycle, truck, and commercial vehicle accidents, as well as maritime and railway accidents. With the NHTSA reporting an average of more than 30,000 traffic collisions ending in death every year, the threat of losing a loved one to someone else’s reckless driving is an ever-present danger.

Maritime Accidents

If a loved one worked in the maritime industry–as a seaman, river worker, or other occupation–and was killed as a result of negligence on the job, call us immediately. Maritime accidents differ from traditional wrongful death cases in the application of state and federal maritime laws. In the case of your deceased family member, finding a lawyer who knows these laws is paramount. If you entrust your family’s compensation to a lawyer who doesn’t typically manage these types of cases, you risk losing restitution that should be yours. The maritime lawyers at The Cagle Law Firm are standing by, ready to help in your maritime wrongful death case.

Workplace Accidents

Employers have a lot of responsibilities. They are responsible to their customers and to the shareholders, but more than anyone else, they’re responsible for the well-being of their employees. If employers don’t take that responsibility seriously and fail to provide proper equipment or meet safety standards, deadly workplace accidents can occur.

Our Louisville Wrongful Death Lawyers Will Fight for You

Filing a wrongful death claim can be a long, complicated process, and proving liability can be difficult. That’s why you need a wrongful death attorney in Louisville, KY, who has the knowledge, experience, and resources required to get the job done. The Cagle Law Firm has all of that and more. Our staff will not rest until justice is served.

You deserve justice. You deserve compensation. Contact The Cagle Law Firm’s Louisville wrongful death lawyers today for a free consultation. Let us fight for you.


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