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Posted on May 17th, 2010,
by Zane Cagle

National Dog Bite Prevention Week, May 17-23

Posted on May 17th, 2010 by Zane Cagle

Dog bites account for over 368,000 emergency room visits per year – that is approximately 1,000 per day. More than 4.7 million people are bitten yearly. Dog bites are the fifth most frequent type of emergency room visits for children. There are 10 good guidelines provided by the CDC. (Health New Digest) to follow in order to decrease your probability of being bitten by an unfamiliar dog and sustaining serious injuries:

  • Never approach a dog whether leased or unleashed. Overcome the urge to pet a dog just because it is near.
  • Teach children not to run at a strange dog or scream and wave arms wildly around a loose dog
  • Ask the owner if a dog is friendly before attempting to pet a leashed dog
  • Avoid staring directly into a dog’s eyes, they frequently see this as threatening
  • Always allow a dog to sniff and see you before petting them. As well, keep the exchange short
  • Never leave children alone around a dog even if you think you know the dog
  • Dogs are like toys, they should not be climbed on or cuddled if you don’t know them and think about it twice if you do know them
  • If a dog is approaching you, do not run away as this may trigger their prey instinct. Stand straight up with your arms folded. Turn slightly to the side and do not look the dog in the eye. Even if the dog is barking and jumping, they usually become disinterested in anything that is not moving
  • If a dog knocks you down, roll into a ball and try to be still. Cover your head with your arms. Avoid screaming or rolling as some dogs see this as playfulness.
  • Never approach a dog that is eating or playing with something or attempt to take the object away from the dog.

While these tips may decrease your probability of being bitten by a dog, it sometimes still occurs. Actually, dog bites are increasing in numbers partly due to lack of obedience training by owners. If you have been injured in an animal attack and need compensation for medical bills, lost wages, etc., call us at The Cagle Law Firm today. Our premier St. Louis personal injury attorneys will speak with you personally in a free consultation, answering any and all questions you may have about your claim.

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