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Getting into an accident while on the road is always scary, but it can be even more harrowing when you’re on a motorcycle. While automobile occupants are likely to sustain injuries only 31% of the time, when motorcycle riders are involved in an accident, the likelihood of serious injuries shoots up to 78.3%. If you ever find yourself injured in a motorcycle crash, The Cagle Law Firm can provide you with an experienced, dedicated personal injury attorney who will ensure you receive the compensation you need.

You’re more than just a statistic to us. At The Cagle Law Firm, we know that being injured in a motorcycle accident can leave you in pain, without transportation, unable to work, and with a mountain of medical bills. It’s exactly in times like this when finding a good motorcycle accident lawyer in Springfield, IL, is so important, and it’s when we most want you to call us.

4 Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Springfield

If someone else is at fault for an accident that has injured you, you deserve to be taken care of in your time of need. When there are so many ways for a motorcycle accident to damage your life, you can’t afford to not have the best Springfield motorcycle accident attorney on your side.

Here is some information on common motorcycle accident injuries that we hope will keep you informed and safe while on the road.

Road Rash

“Road rash” is by far the most common form of a motorcycle injury, but it is by no means less painful. This occurs when the skin comes into contact with the pavement. Often in accidents, a motorcycle rider is either thrown from the vehicle or wedged between it and the road while sliding. Even while wearing protective clothing, the intense friction is enough to cause severe abrasions and even generate sufficient heat to result in burns. Some road rash victims have required skin grafts, while others have needed surgery to remove debris that became lodged in their flesh. Many motorcyclists in Springfield follow the safety recommendations and wear protective clothing to reduce their chances of these types of injuries.


A good Springfield motorcycle accident lawyer knows that even “minor” motorcycle accidents can result in serious injury. Don’t forget, when you’re on a motorcycle, you have very little protection between you and other vehicles on the road. When a careless or inattentive driver rear-ends another car, whiplash is a common result. While whiplash is essentially neck strain, you may need continued treatment should the “strain” not resolve.

Arm & Leg Fractures

Because of the way the human body is structured, the extremities are often our most vulnerable parts. As a result, arm and leg fractures are common among those who’ve suffered motorcycle accidents. Arm fractures often occur when a rider puts their hands up in an attempt to cushion their fall, while leg fractures are usually the result of the bike landing on top of the rider, pinning them to the ground, typically at a painful angle. Torn ligaments and nerve damage can also occur.

Head Injuries

Head and spinal injuries are usually the most serious of all motorcycle injuries. These injuries can be devastating and life-changing. While helmets do a great deal to protect the head, serious crashes can still be so severe that head injuries occur.  Even the most protective helmet isn’t enough to absorb the impact of a pavement striking the human skull at such a high speed. The Cagle Law Firm’s motorcycle accident attorneys in Springfield have seen it all, from lacerations and concussions to paraplegia and quadriplegia. A single brain or spinal cord injury can change a person’s life forever, a fact worth considering when head injuries make up nearly 25% of all motorcycle accident injuries.

Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Springfield, IL

No matter the extent of your injuries, if you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident that was someone else’s fault, the motor vehicle accident attorneys of The Cagle Law Firm will be here to help you. Don’t navigate this troubling period by yourself. Rely on one of our experienced personal injury lawyers to fight for the justice you deserve.

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