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Some of the most impactful events in our lives are when we lose a loved one. At some point in our lives, we encounter the loss of a loved one. The death of a loved one can affect us for the rest of our lives and cause many additional challenges. Loss of a loved one is traumatic, but when a loved one is taken from us unexpectedly, such as in personal injury accidents like a car accident where the crash was preventable, it is truly tragic. When an accident occurs, it can cause a wrongful death that could have been prevented with better care and responsibility from others.

The wrongful death of a loved one is extremely painful to go through, and you might think you don’t have any control over what happens next. This is an overwhelming time filled with many emotions, but a wrongful death attorney in Springfield, IL, can help you get through it. The Cagle Law Firm can provide legal support that can give you a chance to receive compensation.

Damages in a Wrongful Death Case

After losing a loved one in an accident, you’ll likely face many hardships. Financial setbacks are one of the many challenges people face after losing a loved one unexpectedly. With the help of a personal injury lawyer who specializes in wrongful death cases, you have the chance to receive financial compensation for these damages.

Here are some of the damages you could receive compensation for after a wrongful death.

Funeral and Medical Expenses

Before their passing, your loved one might have needed significant medical treatment for their injuries. This can often be a huge amount, and something you wouldn’t be dealing with had the accident been prevented. You’ll also have to pay for the funeral costs, which many people cannot afford. Compensation can help cover the costs of funeral expenses and medical bills.

Loss of Income

Many families can’t afford to lose the income of one member. No matter how many people are depending on the person’s income, this is a huge loss. Families may depend heavily on a loved one’s income, and without it, can have a hard time making ends meet. Compensation is often needed after a wrongful death to help supplement this income. This may also include the loss of a loved one’s expected future earnings they would have received.

Loss of Benefits

In addition to their income, you or your family may have depended on their benefits for essential services. You may have relied on a loved one’s medical insurance or pension provided by their employer and now have to go without it. The benefits a loved one provides are important to help you and your family have a good quality of life.

Non-Economic Damages

The economic setbacks you may face following the loss of a loved one aren’t the only damages you can be compensated for. You can also receive compensation for the emotional pain and suffering you’ve been put through from a loved one’s passing. This can include damages such as loss of care, companionship, and consortium.

Qualified Wrongful Death Lawyer in Springfield, IL

Nothing can replace a parent, spouse, or child. However, you do deserve to be compensated for the damages you and your family have faced due to someone else’s negligence. You shouldn’t have to worry about how you and your family will get by after a loved one’s wrongful death. The Cagle Law Firm can help fight for you to receive compensation so you and your family can focus on healing.

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