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Posted on November 29th, 2012,
by Zane Cagle

Alleged Drunken Driver Injures 22-Year-Old Pregnant Woman

Posted on November 29th, 2012 by Zane Cagle

Drunken Driver Injures 22 yr-old Pregnant Woman in St. Louis, MissouriA suspected drunken driver hit a pregnant pedestrian in Pine Lawn yesterday afternoon at the corner of Jennings Station and Vetter Place in St. Louis, Missouri.  A driver of a semi-truck observed the driver of a Mitsubishi Montero sport utility driving swerving and driving erratically. The truck driver followed the Montero driver and observed the 42 yr old man hit the pedestrian. The pedestrian, a 22 yr old woman, was injured and taken to Barnes Jewish Hospital with broken legs and pelvis.  Pine Lawn police chief said the SUV struck the pedestrian and then hit the Pohsib’s Daycare.

Fortunately, there were no or few people at Pohsib’s Daycare as the crash caused significant damage to the building.  The alleged drunken driver is in the country on a passport and authorities are trying to determine if he is here legally and if he had a valid driver’s license.  The driver spoke little English, so the investigation is on-going.

The police stated that the 22 yr-old pregnant woman is expected to recover and that her baby is fine, however, how easy can it be to have broken legs and a pelvis during pregnancy. Even though the woman is only 6 weeks pregnant, the process that the female body goes through during childbirth is nothing short of miraculous. Having witnessed birth myself, I cannot think that being having one’s legs or pelvis broken early in pregnancy will make for an easy childbirth experience—if there is such a thing as easy childbirth. 

When officials say that the young woman and child should be fine, they are strictly limiting their statements to “fine” as in expected to live.  These circumstances are the kind of accidents that I see and visit with people about on a daily basis.  The two things that are most noteworthy to the common reader—alleged drunk driver and pregnant pedestrian.  These two factors infuriate and make the situation more tragic and complicated.  When someone is hit by a car, that is tragic enough for the driver and the pedestrian, but adding the complicating factors of alcohol to an accident and we are all upset. Why?  Because drunk driving and the accidents that result are avoidable.

If in fact, the driver was driving under the influence then that is a clear case of negligence. When someone consciously make a decision that impairs their driving and endangers other, then they are negligent.  Often in motor vehicle accidents, the defense is “it was just an accident”. And while I understand that to be true in some cases, more often than not an accident occurs due to inattention, impairment or other factors such as road construction and weather.  Human being make mistakes by nature, but choosing to drink and then drive is not an excusable factor.

I am not convicting the driver in yesterday’s accident and notice, I refer to him as the alleged drunken driver.  Officials say that the man failed the field sobriety test and while that is incriminating, it is not always a true test. If the driver cannot speak or read English, other complicating factors may  have contributed to his erratic driving such as being lost or reading a sign incorrectly. But, if you cannot follow the lights, arrows and direction, then you probably should not be behind the wheel. Thus, when I’m in a foreign country, I am not really receptive to renting a car and driving where I do not read the road signs. It is not crucial that you understand English to operate a car but you must understand the major signs and lights in order to understand the rules of traffic.

Certainly, investigators are examining the accident and the driver of the SUV was under police supervision as of the last report. We wish the best to the young woman who was injured.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle crash or a pedestrian accident, then you should consult an attorney to determine if you need legal representation.  Not everyone involved in an accident needs legal representation and it is always a situation based decision. However, if you have been injured due to the negligence of another of if you suspect negligence by another driver, it cost you nothing to have it investigated.  Contacting an attorney doesn’t automatically mean that you are filing a law suit.  More often than not, claims are settled out of court. You generally need representation to navigate the insurance claim process.  Claimants that use legal representation usually receive far more compensation than those individuals not being represented.

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