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Posted on August 1st, 2011,
by Zane Cagle

Multi-Vehicle Crash with Semi-Truck in Livingston, Illinois

Posted on August 1st, 2011 by Zane Cagle

Minors Seriously Injured in Multi-Vehicle Crash

A multi-car vehicle accident on I-55 occurred in Madison County, Illinois on Friday. Two automobiles and a semi-truck were involved in the accident that resulted in several serious injuries. According to police, four children were inside the semi-truck and were ejected during the crash.  The children, ages 13-16 were seriously injured and had to be taken by ARCH helicopter to St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

Also, a 24-year old woman driving a Chevy Camaro was seriously injured, as well as her 12-year old passenger. The 12-year old reportedly suffered minor injuries.

The semi-truck accident near the town of Livingston is currently under investigation to determine causes, but I-55 was closed for approximately an hour to clean up the crash. During these summer months when highway travel is high, it is important for all to observe safety to avoid as many accidents as possible. Obey the speed limit in all areas and pay close attention to reduced speed zones in highway repair areas. Summer months see an increase in highway and roadside road crews and traveling too fast in those areas can be devastating to the road crew work members as well as drivers and occupants in automobiles.

Another major consideration in all season is to avoid the use of alcohol while operating a vehicle. This advice is frequently given and we are often reminded to abstain, but the important thing to do is plan. If you are going to drink, plan ahead. Plan to stay at the location or within walking or cab fare distance from the location at which you are drinking. Nothing puts a damper on summer fun more than an injury or death due to negligence, not to mention the criminal charges that can result.

While it is unknown and this attorney is not assuming what caused the accident mentioned above, this attorney always welcomes the opportunity to share safety information regarding safe highway travel. Extra caution on highways and side streets can save lives. Visit our other blog site for more safety information and Federal Motor Carrier Regulations.

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