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Posted on July 5th, 2013,
by Zane Cagle

Fenton, Missouri Semi-Truck Crash Injures Several on Interstate 44

Posted on July 5th, 2013 by Zane Cagle

Returning to St. Louis on Tuesday, traffic came to a screeching halt on Interstate 44 around 3:15 p.m. after a semi-truck accident in Fenton, Missouri. As I sat in traffic and heard the ambulance and first responders, I could only imagine what was going on up ahead.  While sitting in my car and waiting since eastbound and westbound I-44 had turned into a parking lot, I noticed other impatient drivers.  I was thinking about all of the things I needed to get done back at the office and was wondering just  how long I would be stuck there?  Natural right?  But……….when I drove past the cars and semi- truck involved in the crash and saw the damaged cars, I wondered who could live through that kind of crash?  The sight of such a horrendous wreck shamed me for feeling impatient.  While I was tapping my foot, waiting for traffic to move along, someone (actually several people) were involved in a life changing tragic experience.    A few minutes or hours out of my day seems pretty small when you see the tragedy that has occurred up ahead in traffic.

According to reports that I read today, a semi-truck failed to stop for traffic and slammed into a Honda Accord, resulting a chain reaction involving two other vehicles.  Two drivers, a 32-year old man and a 69- year old woman were transported to a local hospital in serious condition. Another female driver had moderate injuries. The 21-year old driver of the tractor trailer was not injured.  After seeing the vehicles, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that everyone lived!

Yesterday at 3:15, it was raining and traffic was heavy on I-44 in Fenton auto accident and your injuries are serious such as the victims above, you will need a personal injury attorney.  In the accident of yesterday, an expert semi-truck accident attorney is critical simply because of the numerous Federal Motor Carrier regulations required of over the road trucks and drivers.  Negotiating with insurance companies can be complicated and is one of the last things you feel like doing if you have been injured. Often, the seriuosly injured are phsycially unable to negotiate with an insurance company therefore, having a professional on your side is critical.

Being certain that investigations occur and proper procedures are followed to preserve evidence is critical in the first days after an accident.  If you are not sure if you need a personal injury attorney, our attorneys at The Cagle Law Firm are always available for free consultations, toll free (314) 276-1681 or locally (314) 276-1681


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