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Posted on January 30th, 2009,
by Zane Cagle

Swing Accident Lawsuit Settles

Posted on January 30th, 2009 by Zane Cagle

In a wrongful death lawsuit filed in Wisconsin, the family of a 16 year old girl finally reached a settlement agreement for $1 million. The accident occurred in 2007 at a Christian music festival where the teen fell 50 feet to her death because the safety harness on her swing chair was not properly secured. Further investigation also proved that the safety rope was not properly attached to her harness in the first place.

The suit names the organization that planned the festival, and the company in charge of operating the swing ride. The suit alleged that the company operating the ride was negligent in operating and maintaining the swing chairs that caused this tragedy. After the accident, the company was unable to operate rides in the state for one year.

The exact terms of the settlement were not disclosed, but it did award the full amount of the operator company’s $1 million insurance policy to the victim’s family.

Losing a loved one is always a devastating and sensitive situation, but if that loss is the result of an intentional or negligent act, you do have the option to file a wrongful death claim. The St. Louis Wrongful Death Attorneys of Page Cagle law firm have the skill to aggressively fight for you and your family to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. Call Zane T. Cagle at 1(314) 276-1681 for your free consultation to determine if you have a personal injury or wrongful death claim.