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Posted on August 26th, 2009,
by Zane Cagle

Woman killed while working at roadside hot dog stand

Posted on August 26th, 2009 by Zane Cagle

Last week, a freak roadside accident in Tampa took the life of a woman working at a hot dog stand with her business partner, who was also injured in the accident. According to a Tampa newspaper, the woman wanted nothing but to run her own restaurant, which was why she moved to the city with her family to start a new life. On Monday, the woman and her friend’s husband were set to open a hot dog stand on a busy Tampa avenue. That afternoon, the woman was securing a sign when her business partner heard her scream. Seconds later, he was pinned under the metal tongue of a runaway trailer that had detached from a pickup truck and careened toward their stand. The man was transported to a local hospital immediately. Police reports indicate that a riding lawn mower tumbled off the trailer, striking striking the woman as she attempted to run away. The 16-year old truck driver was cited for failing to secure his trailer, which could make him liable for damages from the accident.

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