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Posted on November 7th, 2013,
by Zane Cagle

Chicago, Illinois Accident Injures 9 Including 4 Police Officers

Posted on November 7th, 2013 by Zane Cagle


What sounds like a scene from a movie was actually a scene in Far South Side Chicago according to the Chicago Sun-Times.  A driver charged with DUI may have caused a chain reaction car accident when his Nissan struck an unmarked police vehicle of 10200 block of South Indianapolis. The Nissan hit the police car from behind and it pushed it into a Chevy Tahoe. An additional squad car that was assisting during the traffic stop was also hit.

The 69 year old Nissan driver was charged with felony aggravated DUI causing an accident involving bodily harm, as well as two misdemeanor counts of DUI.

Police say that nine adults were involved in the crash.  Four police officers were taken to hospitals with injuries, but none were considered life threatening.  Of the nine adults, two were taken in critical condition to Stoger Hospital; one was taken in critical condition to Advocate Trinity Hospital, four were taken in fair-to-serious condition to Roseland Community Hospital and one refused treatment.

When individuals make a decision to climb behind the wheel after they have been partaking of alcohol—it is a choice.  Drunk driving is about the clearest cut of negligent driving I can think of.  Drunk drivers needlessly injure and kill hundreds of thousands every year.  The above driver is still only “charged” and not convicted.

Some sobering facts on Illinois Drunk Driving:

*  Nearly 3 out of every ten American will be involved in an alcohol-related crash in their lifetime.

*  About 8 percent of all police-reported motor vehicle crashes are alcohol relate—each year.

*  The proportion of fatal crashes being alcohol related is approximately three times greater at night than during the day.

*  Each year, approximately 310,000 people suffer injuries in alcohol related traffics crashes, an average of one person injured approximately every 2 minutes

What can you do?  It’s pretty simple…..plan before you drink.  I frequently blog about drinking and driving because it is the number one avoidable cause of auto accidents.  Drunk driving is a choice and each of us should be held accountable for choices we make especially if it results in the injury of another.  If you have been involved in a alcohol related accident, you need representation.  Everyone knows if you are the drunk driver, you need legal representation, but often victims of drunk driving assume that criminal proceedings against the drunk driver will cover them. This assumption is not correct.  Criminal and civil legal proceedings are two different things.  If you have been hit by a drunk driver, you need an attorney who will follow the criminal proceedings and look out for your interest.  Frequently, drunk drivers are able to have their charges reduced to a lesser charge.  Frequently, we hear about a drunk driver who has killed or injured someone and they have numerous prior DUI arrests and charges.  There is only one word for this—-tragic.

When someone makes a choice to drink and drive and injures you in the process….You have a choice to make. Our attorneys at The Cagle Law Firm are experienced personal injury attorneys and we are familiar with properly gathering evidence to build your case when you have been injured or lost a family member (wrongful death) due to an alcohol related accident. Whether you are in Illinois or Missouri, we can help. Call us (314) 276-1681.  We are available seven days a week to share information and evaluate your case.