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Posted on December 11th, 2015,
by Zane Cagle

Increased Crashes at Broadway and Washington, Downtown St. Louis, MO

Posted on December 11th, 2015 by Zane Cagle

Since The Cagle Law Firm is located at the intersection of Broadway and Washington, St. Louis, we notice car crashes in front of our building. We’ve been scratching our heads as to “why” there have been so many crashes at the intersection in recent months. We asked some commuters and building security folks who view the intersection 24 hours to offer some theories.

crashIncreased Crashes at Broadway and Washington:

On Wednesday evening, December 3,  a car burst into flames after a serious crash at the corner of Washington and Broadway which resulted in two fatalities . In the last few weeks there have been a number of crashes at that intersection.  In fact, one evening, there were two on the same night.

Early Sunday morning, a two car crash occurred at North Broadway and St. Charles (half a block down from Broadway & Washington) which resulted in two fatalities and serious injuries. It should be noted that both of the above crashes did not occur during heavy traffic hours.

 In a two-car crash, the 500 N. Broadway building was actually hit be a car involved in one of two collisions on a Friday evening at the same intersection. Thankfully, in both, no one was fatally injured.

So, why the increase in crashes at this intersection?

Again, we asked commuters and security staff as to their thoughts on the recent crashes (none made statements regarding specific crashes or causes):

 Bridge Closures and Constructions:

After talking with some Illinois commuters, they indicated that since the MLK Bridge has closed, it is even more difficult as drivers going to Illinois must cross the Eads Bridge or the Poplar, however, currently the Eads Bridge is down to one lane causing bottlenecking and several ramps leading to the Poplar Bridge are closed due to construction.  Thus, people are  frustrated and seemingly trying to beat lights in an attempt to avoid extra long commutes. The construction and closures began in the summer and commuters are awaiting more openings. Construction, traffic delays and speeding often result in collisions.  However, construction is needed in order to improve roads in and around downtown St. Louis.

Speeding, Lack of Patience and Inattentiveness:

Some observers of the crashes indicate that in several of the scenarios, some of the drivers were simply driving too fast down Broadway. As well, drivers turning at intersections when they are not in a turn lane creates havoc for many drivers.  Frequently, we see some drivers pulling out into the intersection at the tail end of a green light and sitting through a red light in the middle of the intersection which of course, brings the wrath of oncoming drivers and the possibility of crashes increase.

In our offices, we can hear the screeching noise of tires and can actually hear some of the crashes on the street even though we are on the 16th floor.  The need to discuss these issues has been brought to the forefront due to the serious injury and fatal crashes as of late. Again, the observations made by the people we asked were general in nature and none addressed any of the crashes specifically.

None of the people offering opinions were offering witness statements about any particular crash, rather they were engaging in conversations about safety concerns.

Obeying Road Rules

9380989_GSpeed limits on city streets are not always tied directly to the amount of traffic, meaning regardless of the amount of traffic, you should not got 50 mph just because you have an open lane.   In fact, if traffic is dense, you should  be driving under the speed limit. While I will not speculate on what “caused” each of the car crashes in the last few weeks, I have asked the question of many.

By and large the opinions we discovered seemed to be that people are just driving way too fast for the conditions.   Overall, people asked stated the excessive speed and inattention seem to be contributing factors.  Of course, these  are not official statements made by police officers or actual drivers and witnesses.

Rules of the Road=Personal Responsibility for All

Obeying road rules is central to the notion of “sharing the roadway”. When we “share” something, we have to make it “safe” and “fair”. As a driver, if you break the rules of the road and fail to stop, fail to reduce your speed for the conditions or fail to obey a traffic light or sign, you make the roadways unsafe for yourself and others.  Each of us has to take personal responsibility in driving safely.

I know, so many get tired of me constantly reminding you to be safe.  In my line of work, I see the consequences of driving errors and the lives that are turned upside down by an injury or worse, the death of a loved one.

If You Are Driving Downtown St. Louis………….

You really need to be aware of the seemingly increased traffic and congestion if you are going to be driving downtown. It is wise to check for bridge and road closures before planning your drives.  According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, the MLK Jr. Bridge should be reopening on December 21, 2015. However, that is not a hard date, so you will want to double check with their website and the Missouri Department of Transportation.

Be patient and drive extra cautiously. While no one likes to sit in traffic, nothing delays your commute more than a crash.

If You’ve Been in a Car Crash

If you’ve been involved in a car crash and you are injured, you will need legal assistance.  We specialize in motor vehicle crashes including car crashes, truck crashes and motorcycle crashes. Involving an attorney early assists in gathering evidence early and communicating with insurance companies on your behalf so that you can concentrate on your medical treatment, healing and putting your life back together.

Our attorneys understand that car crashes where you are injured are an ordeal.  Generally, negotiating property damage with an insurance company is a hassle but can be successfully on your own. However, if you are injured, then negotiations will take much longer and you should never settle a personal injury claim for a minimum of 90 days until you are truly able to assess your injuries and the treatment plan that is going to help you improve.

If you’ve been injured, you have many questions. Luckily, we have answers and we are available seven days a week.

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